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Dark Timber Flooring
Where sophistication and style meet durability – that’s the transformative power of our dark timber flooring selections.
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Floor Sanding And Polishing For Beginners

So you’ve decided on getting wooden floors, or renovating your existing wooden floors to breathe new life into them. That’s a great investment, and will definitely revitalise the look and feel of your home!

How to Take Care of Your Parquetry Flooring Melbourne

If you want a unique look for your timber flooring, parquetry is stunning option which can transform your living space. Parquet flooring is made up of a mosaic of wooden blocks which are arranged into a variety ...

Our 8 top tips on how to increase your property value

Whether you’re in the middle of a reno project and want to be forward-thinking, or you’re building with the intent to sell, knowing what will improve your property value is always worth considering and worki...

Considering Herringbone Timber Flooring? Here’s the Lowdown

With all the different types of wood flooring available nowadays, interested clients have a million and one ways to use timber floors to add character to any room. And while solid planks of timber are a tried an...

Matte vs Satin: Which Finish is Right for You?

Hardwood flooring services don’t just assist with installation- they can also transform the look of your timber flooring with professional sanding and polishing. If your timber floors are looking a bit worse f...

The Benefits of Choosing Parquetry Flooring

If you love the look of timber flooring but you’re looking for something just that little bit different from traditional floorboards, parquetry might be just the thing you’re searching for. Parquet flooring ...

How To Prevent Scratches on Your Timber Flooring

Nothing ruins the look of your beautiful timber flooring than years of built up damage. After all, there’s character and then there’s just plain shabby. If you’re sick of new scratches emerging on your flo...

Creating Paradise at Eden Health Retreat

Nestled in the gorgeous rainforests of the Carrumbin Valley in the Gold Coast is Eden Health Retreat. Shrouded by trees, mountains and waterfalls, Eden Health Retreat offers a wellness getaway like no other. 

Beautiful, Eco-Friendly Oak Flooring That Won’t Break The Bank

I am extremely anti-carpet, so timber floorboards have long-held my heart. Yet there’s no denying they don’t often come cheap. So that’s where Kustom Timber step in.

5 Different Ways You Can Use Timber Parquet Flooring

If you want to make a true feature out of your wooden flooring, parquetry could be the perfect solution. First developed in 16th century France, parquetry is a hard wearing and attractive style of flooring which...

Interior design trends 2023 – here’s what to invest in

Every year, interior design trends shift and change. In recent years we’ve seen minimalistic neutrals grow in popularity and a renewed interest in earthy tones and natural materials.

Engineered Vs Hardwood Timber Flooring? One wins by a mile…

When it comes to frequently asked questions, one that pops up pretty regularly is the solid vs engineered timber flooring debate - which is better? Why choose one over the other?