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Timber Flooring FAQs

Engineered Timber Flooring

What is engineered timber flooring?

Engineered timber flooring is multilayered flooring made up of a powerful combo – hardwood timber with an engineered wood backing board. Whilst solid hardwood is one solid plank of wood, engineered hardwood flooring involves taking a thin layer of hardwood and bonding it with extreme heat to multiple layers of high-quality plywood.

This means extra durability and better sustainability with the same stunning appearance of solid hardwood. Needless to say, we’re pretty big fans.

Is engineered timber flooring real timber?

Yes, absolutely. Due to it being made of layers of plywood with a top layer of solid hardwood, it’s definitely real timber. But it’s a fraction of the price, and maintains that natural solid timber wood appearance we love so much.

What are the advantages of engineered timber flooring?
  • Same Classic Timber Look – With the same appearance as solid hardwood, engineered timber flooring looks just as stunning.
  • More Durable – Because it’s made up of multiple layers of wood, engineered timber flooring is super durable and less susceptible to warping over time.
  • More Affordable – This one kind of speaks for itself.
  • Can Be Sanded and Refinished – This is a great way to fix up any scuffs or scratches that happen over time. That being said, whilst our range of engineered timber flooring is thick enough to be resanded multiple times, we can’t say the same for other companies. If your engineered timber floors have already been sanded down multiple times, we may not be able to sand any further.
  • Wide Range – This one also speaks for itself. Engineered timber flooring gives you such a diverse range of options, the trickiest part will be settling on the perfect kind for your space.
  • More Plank Sizes – Most hardwood comes at set plank widths, but engineered timber flooring gives you the flexibility to choose widths that work best with your space.
  • Easy to Install – Because of its layered nature, engineered timber flooring can be installed in a number of different ways, making it a dream to install.
  • Better for the environment – Fun fact: a solid hardwood plank will produce up to seven pieces of high-quality engineered timber. Crazy right? Plus, our engineered timber is sourced from sustainable forests, making it a lot better for the environment.

Read the blog on advantages of engineered timber flooring to know more.

Is engineered timber flooring waterproof?

No genuine wooden flooring is completely waterproof, regardless of finish used. That being said, engineered timber flooring works better with water and humidity than solid hardwood due to its layers, making it a lot more durable.

Can you tell the difference between hardwood and engineered hardwood?

No! Engineered timber flooring looks exactly the same as hardwood, because the top veneer is solid oak – 4mm of it!

Oak Flooring

Is oak flooring the best?

We may be a little biased, but we definitely think so! Especially our engineered oak flooring. It looks stunning and is super durable, making oak flooring perfect for homes and businesses alike.

Which is better - pine or oak flooring?

Engineered oak flooring is a lot more durable than pine – pine tends to scuff and dent a bit more, which is why we’re such fans of oak. Oak is harder so much less likely to show signs of wear over the years, and is also a lot easier to maintain.

Is engineered oak flooring durable?

Absolutely! Engineered oak flooring is much more durable and will stand the test of time against temperature changes and humidity. The multiple layers of engineered oak make it a lot easier to care for while still looking elegant.

Does engineered oak flooring add value to your home?

Yes! Engineered oak flooring looks gorgeous and is an affordable option, making it a fantastic addition to your home whilst also increasing its value if you ever choose to sell. It’s a long-term investment that definitely pays off. Who doesn’t love beautiful timber flooring?

Can you tell the difference between hardwood and engineered hardwood?

No! Engineered timber flooring looks exactly the same as hardwood, because the top veneer is solid oak – 4mm of it!

General Flooring

What is a floating floor?

A floating floor refers to a type of installation, where planks interlock together and simply rest on the underlayment, without the use of glue or nails. Floating floors are generally something we like to avoid here at Kustom Timber. This is for a number of reasons:

  1. It doesn’t sound too great to walk on.
  2. It can’t be sanded or resanded because the machine bounces on the surface.
  3. The click system used for floating floors simply isn’t the best method for laying timber flooring.
Can a timber floor be installed on concrete?

Yes, we can install timber flooring on top of concrete – in fact, the majority of our work is installed over concrete. That being said, we do need to check that the level of your concrete has the correct tolerance, and that it will be a simple direct-stick installation method.

Can I have wooden flooring if I have a pet?

For sure! Everyone loves a good timber floor, even our fuzzy friends. Just make sure you keep your pet’s claws trimmed to prevent any scratches to your timber flooring.

Flooring Finishes

What is an oiled finish?

Oil finishes generally make wood look a lot richer, without leaving a film on the surface. This is due to the small molecules oil is made up of, meaning it can get deep into the wood instead of just sitting on top.

What is a lacquered finish?

Lacquered finishes are popular and pretty low maintenance. It provides a smoother surface, making your wooden flooring more splash-resistant and less likely to get scratched. Whilst lacquered finishes can be both matte and glossy, if you’re after that high gloss finish, lacquer is the way to go.

Should I choose an oil or lacquer finish for my timber floors?

The finish will depend on the colour of your chosen flooring. We generally will recommend one over the other, as they differ visually and in performance depending on your timber colour.

Floor Maintenance

How do I care for my timber floors?

Proper care and maintenance are essential in keeping your wooden floors looking great. The type of care and maintenance you need to give your flooring will depend on the type of wood you have and the finish you’ve selected.

All wooden flooring will look better if cleaned regularly, though. Excess dirt can result in scratching in the longer term. Make sure you’re vacuuming regularly (soft bristle head only!) and mopping with an electrostatic mop. If you need to use a cleaner, check that it’s compatible with your floors. We suggest using the cleaners on our floor care accessories page for peace of mind.

You can also protect your flooring in high-traffic areas by putting down a rug or mats, which also adds a little pizzazz to your space – a win-win!

Can my timber flooring be sanded and refinished?

In most cases, yes, absolutely. For engineered timber floors, it depends on the thickness of your top layer of hardwood, but in most cases sanding and refinishing is definitely an option.

What steps should I take if my wooden flooring is damaged?

Dents, scratches, wear and tear may happen over time – you are living on these floors, after all. Sanding and refinishing can help make your floors look brand new again and, in worst case scenarios, individual planks can be pulled up and replaced. We suggest getting in touch to chat through your options.

Kustom Timber

Does Kustom Timber offer free samples?

We absolutely do! Pop in to visit us at one of our timber showrooms or enquire online and get some samples sent directly to your home.

Does Kustom Timber have showrooms?

We have two gorgeous showrooms located in Melbourne – one in Mornington and the other in South Yarra. Come for a visit and see all of our beautiful selections in person.

Can’t make it down? All good. We can send flooring samples directly to your home.

Does Kustom Timber stock cleaning products?

We’re passionate about keeping your timber flooring clean and well-maintained, so we have a great selection of cleaning products available. Check out our Floor Care Accessories page!