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When it comes to giving your worn timber flooring a well-deserved boost, professional floor sanding and polishing can make a huge difference and give your floors a new lease on life. The process is relatively simple – after sanding your floors back and applying a stain, a finish is applied to protect against dirt, moisture and wear. But when it comes to finishes, which one should you choose? Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at three of the main options for the finish of your flooring.

Gloss, Satin or Matte floor finishes


Gloss offers a shiny, reflective surface for your timber flooring and can highlight the individual detail of your floorboards which makes for an impressive feature. However, the issue with a gloss finish is that it shows up scratches, damage, dust, and dirt much more easily than other finishes. It’s also prone to wear in heavy traffic areas which can lead to an uneven finish over time. If you like the gloss look, remember that high gloss is very high maintenance so consider opting for a semi-gloss which still gives the glossy look without being as difficult to maintain.


A satin finish is a great all-rounder and a favourite option for many people when it comes to their timber flooring finish.  A satin finish still provides some sheen, without being too shiny, to add interest to your flooring and gives a classic look that is unlikely to date. Because it’s less shiny than gloss, it also means that dirt and imperfections are less obvious which is a win for most homes – especially if you have pets and kids! For an easy-clean, neutral looking finish, then a satin finish could be the perfect solution and is a happy medium if you like a glossy look but aren’t keen for the maintenance.


A matte finish is an increasingly popular choice for timber flooring finishes and gives a stunning, modern look. A matte finish gives the protection your floors need from daily wear and tear while also providing the most natural feel possible by showing the beauty of the raw wood. If you want to hide imperfections, a matte finish does the best job of all the finishes which makes it perfect for high traffic areas or children’s bedrooms. It’s also a great option for pet owners as it won’t show up claw marks. A matte finish will help give a casual, pared-back feel to your home.  

When it comes to timber floor sanding and polishing, Kustom Timber has a reputation for restoring timber flooring to their original glory. We can talk you through our extensive range of stains and polishes so you have a finish which perfectly suits your home and our sanding techniques deliver beautiful results.
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