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Timber has truly stood the test of time as a popular flooring choice thanks to its timeless appeal, easy maintenance and unique character. Despite its reputation for being durable, your timber floorboards won’t look new forever and eventually damage will take a toll on the aesthetic.

When your floorboards are looking a little (or a lot!) sad, sanding them back can make them look like new again. So, should you give DIY sanding a try or leave it to the professionals? Let’s take a look!

Prior Experience

If you’ve had experience sanding back timber floors, then doing your floors yourself may be a realistic option. However, sanding your floors is easier said than done. You should be prepared for the fact that an amateur job can lead to a less than impressive final result. If you’re not used to using a floor sander, you could be left with marks all over your wooden floorboards, which will be very noticeable once the finish is applied. Remember, you only have so much timber you have to work with. The more you have to go over the floors with your sander to correct mistakes, the thinner the top layer becomes.

Time and Money

For the DIY home renovator who has the experience and time to devote to sanding back the floors, it can a very satisfying task. However, so many people start the job only to realise a few days in that it’s taking a lot longer than expected. This is especially that case if you have a lot of wooden flooring. A lot of people decide to go for a DIY job with their sanding in order to save money. However, they fail to take into account the various costs involved with doing it yourself – between the equipment hire, polish and other materials, it can be a costly exercise.

The Professional Touch

If DIY just isn’t for you (and we don’t blame you!), you can always call in an expert to take care of the process for you. With their high level of experience, you can be guaranteed that you’ll have a stunning final result that restores your floors to their former glory. Not only do the professionals do a superior job, they’re also done more quickly so you have minimal disruption.

If you want some help from the professionals with your floor sanding, Melbourne based Kustom Timber can help. We provide high-quality floor staining, floor polishing and floor sanding. Our extensive expertise offers a stunning final result. Our precision and attention to detail means that, we can bring out the unique character of the wood, while providing you with the finish of your choice.

For professional floor sanding and polishing Melbourne, contact the team at Kustom Timber today on (03) 9645 3857.