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One of the best things about floorboards is that once they start looking shabby, all it takes is for them to be sanded back and polished to have them looking like new again. In fact, this job might seem so simple that you’re ready to have a go at it yourself. As experts in floor sanding Melbourne, we’ve had to step in a few times when DIY home renovators have realised that sanding back their floors was a bigger task than they anticipated. Let’s look at some of the most common indicators that your floor sanding process may be best left to the experts.

1. You’ve never sanded floors before

If you’ve ever watched home renovation shows, it probably looks like sanding timber floors back is a piece of cake. Well, it’s actually more difficult than it looks and you’re probably better off leaving it to the experts if you’ve never done it before. A poorly executed job can be very noticeable once the floors are polished and DIY jobs often end up with swirl and chatter marks on the timber.

2. Your floors have some serious damage

Minor damage to the surface of the floorboards is often easier to tackle but serious damage is a sign that you need to get an expert in to take a look. In the case of deep gouges or marks, a professional will need to look and decide how much of the surface can be sanded back. In the case of water damage, the floorboards need to be assessed to see if sanding back is sufficient or whether replacement boards need to be installed.

3. You don’t have much time

If you’re time-poor and don’t want to put up with too much disruption, leaving floor sanding to the experts is definitely your best bet. Sanding your floors back yourself is much more time consuming than many people anticipate and you could find yourself unable to use areas of your house for some time while you tackle the task. A professional has the experience to complete the job quickly and efficiently, with awesome results.

4. Your floors have been sanded back before

Although high-quality Australian timber floors can be safely sanded a number of times, there will come a time when the timber starts to become too thin. If your timber floors have been sanded back previously, you may need to be careful about how much the wood is sanded back and this is best left in the hands of the professionals. DIY floor sanding often results in additional layers being sanded back and in many cases you need the light touch of an expert.

At Kustom Timber, our experienced team can take care of your timber floor sanding and polishing. We can help bring your old, damaged floorboards back to life and we offer a range of finishes with our eco-conscious polishes.  Let us take care of your floor sanding and polishing for a stunning final result!

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