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Sometimes old hardwood floors can look dated, or scratched up from years of use. This isn’t to say it’s time to consider replacing your flooring entirely, but rather, perhaps it’s time to look into floor sanding to restore your once impeccable floors to a great condition. But you may be wondering about the logistics of getting your floors sanded. What does this entail? How much time needs to be put aside for this project? What are the costs that may crop up if you choose to do the project yourself or hire an expert?

What are the Costs of Timber Floor Sanding in Melbourne?

The costs of floor sanding, when choosing to DIY, range from renting costs for equipment (for example, floor sanders can be rented from your local at upwards of $60 per day), purchasing materials and varnishes, as well as protective gear for you. If this is your first time sanding hardwood floors, it can be surprising how much goes into preparing and setting up for this project, and the expenses can pile up if you’re not careful.

How much time should be put aside for this project?

Time is also a significant part of floor sanding, and if you are unsure of the process, it can take far longer for you alone to finish an area. Plus, it is important to note that the time taken to do this project can vary depending on the size of the room, and if you choose to do it yourself rather than hiring a professional. DIY-ing may not only rack up your renting expenses for your equipment, but also cut into time that better spent with friends and family, or at work and leisure spots.

Floor sanding is in many ways an art form and trying to perform the task yourself without experience, may end up costing you twice.

If you are considering hiring a professional floor sander, keep in mind that the costs of this project will vary depending on the size of the area that needs to be treated, how much preparation is required to set up and get started, as well as the type of wooden flooring you have and its condition.

Timber floor sanding for Melbourne homes is usually quoted per square metre, and prices can vary depending on how poor the condition of your existing flooring.

DIY vs Professional Floor Sanders

When it comes to expenses, keep in mind that what you are paying for in a contractor is their expertise and skill, as well as professionalism and transparency. Professional floor sanders are well-versed in their industry and will be able to take care of your flooring while translating into reality what you are looking for in your newly rejuvenated floors. This means that you can rest assured that the end result will be worth it, without having to get your hands dirty. What’s more, professional contractors will be able to give you a reasonable timeframe as to when the project will be finished, so you know when you can get back to your normal routine.