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Blackbutt timber is one of many Australian hardwoods. Its botanical name is Eucalyptus Pilularis. As a flooring solution, Blackbutt’s durable nature and eye-catching colour pallete is a very popular choice for those in the flooring market.

Home owners who choose to use Australian blackbutt in their property and spaces can really look forward to having a high-class floor. Many have installed it to give their homes a greater degree of style and comfort, while also being exceptionally practical. In both function and appearance, our Blackbutt floorboards will meet more than any homeowners’ expectations, being created with the intent to last for generations – with the ability to sanded and refinished repeatedly when they show signs of wear and tear, this is exactly what they’ll do.

Many homeowners are driven by this timber’s attractiveness and consistency. This hardwood’s keypoints are both durability and aesthetic. It has a very straight grain with an even texture. When you install blackbutt floorboards in Melbourne, you get a wide range of design choices and varying sizes that can give your space a spectacular and welcoming vibe!

Let’s discover the beauty of this Australian timber flooring, together.

What colour is Blackbutt timber?

It solely depends on what you choose. Blackbutt presents an appealing colour palette that ranges from cream shade to a pale brown, sometimes with a hint of pink.

Where does Blackbutt timber grow?

Blackbutt timber is native to the south-eastern regions of Australia. More specifically, this type of timber grows in the coastal regions of New South Wales and Queensland.

blackbutt flooring

Is blackbutt a hardwood or softwood?

Blackbutt timber is a very dense hardwood that weighs approximately 900kg per cubic metre. The added density provides natural resistance to termites. This makes it a popular choice for wood flooring and gives it a look that stands out among other hardwoods.

Is Blackbutt termite resistant?

Yes, Blackbutt is termite resistant. Hardwood timbers become more resistant due to age as the timbers will become a lot more solid over time. Since it proves to be enhanced resistance to termites and bugs, it is quite popular in the region.

So is Blackbutt flooring good?

To this day, Blackbutt is still a popular choice for homeowners who want to support high-quality Australian-made products. The durability of Blackbutt timber is well known in the home improvement industry and it’s also one of the least flammable types of woods, so it makes it less susceptible to any accidental home fires.

Because of these factors, Blackbutt has built a reputation for practicality in high traffic areas of the home and has become a popular choice for a variety of building projects throughout Australia.

Overall, Blackbutt flooring is an excellent option for homes and commercial spaces that need a durable and long-lasting floor. They’re also a good choice for property investors with high-end real estate because of the level of resistance to wear and tear.