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The flooring you choose will drastically alter the look and feel of your home. So you must tailor your choice of flooring to truly match what you like. When it comes to choosing the flooring for your home, oak flooring is always a popular option with it’s classic and timeless appeal. 

Oak is so versatile these days and can come in both solid or engineered floorboards. Here you can see what engineered oak flooring is and a few reasons why it could be the perfect choice for you and why it can be the practical, preferred choice for homeowners, property developers and architects.

Is engineered oak flooring durable?

Engineered oak is designed to be incredibly long-lasting. This type of wood flooring is intended to last longer than your lifespan, even with just a little bit of maintenance. Oak flooring is a type of dense hardwood, so it has incredible durability, making it the perfect option for high foot traffic in commercial or residential areas. It’s possible to achieve the right texture, look and feel of solid timber with the top hard coating.

Oak flooring proves itself to be versatile

What makes engineered oak boards a better choice than solid timber oak is their high level of adaptability and overall. Your expectations on the wood design you can come to us for can be achieved in a stunning way allowing these wood floors to be fitted perfectly in a wide variety of rooms.

One advantage of using engineered boards over solid oak is its convenience during the construction process. The complex layers which make up an engineered timber flooring offer just enough strength and durability to make your floors less prone to warping, buckling and moisture damage compared to the solid timber type. Engineered oak floors can withstand decades of wear and tear making them the perfect choice to add to any commercial or residential space. You can even find timber oak cladding that is created using the same process making it super flexible and even able to handle curves. Oak flooring is also an incredibly cost-friendly and eco-friendly product. 

How can you tell if wood is oak?

Oak wood comes in several hues, but the grain pattern you’re able to observe on that wood most often is a unique feature, which makes it one of the easier wood types to recognize. 

What is engineered oak flooring?

Engineered oak flooring is composed of multiple different timber sources, all of which have been pressed and laminated together to produce full-size planks.

Oak flooring was developed to offer the sophisticated style of traditional hardwood available to homes with existing subfloors for a more economical price.

Now popular for its affordability and simple installation, pre-engineered oak flooring’s installation options include gluing, stapling, or floating; although the reliability of each installation method is similar, the appearance of each may differ slightly.

While engineered oak flooring can be refinished throughout its life, the board thickness is suggested to be at least 2-3 mm thick to prevent harming the integrity of the wood when refinishing.

For more information about the different colour tones or grain patterns offered, or to find out if engineered oak flooring is right for your home, contact our team of flooring specialists today.

Which is better solid wood or engineered?

Generally, engineered wood flooring perform as wells and sometimes better than solid wood flooring in terms of installation, maintenance and aesthetic.

The main difference between engineered floorboards and solid timber is that one of which is composed of two or more layers of wood bonded together under heat and pressure. How engineered flooring is made and structured prevents a lot of humidity-related issues that typically affect its counterpart, the solid timber.

When making a comparison of each other, the aesthetic aspect is what’s being focused on as a preference as it is about functionality. You can guarantee that engineered oak flooring can withstand the test of time!