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Durable, hygienic, and simply beautiful, timber flooring is a premium choice for when you really want to add that extra style and grace to your home. Wooden floors are a well-known and regarded option when it comes to your interior’s walking surfaces, and have been the choice of many families generation after generation. But because[…]

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Engineered Timber Flooring

Timber remains one of the most popular flooring options for the home and it’s not just Australians who embrace wooden floorboards – timber flooring is utilised in countries across the world. If you’re looking into timber flooring installation for your home but have been searching for inspiration around style, colour and finish, we’re here to[…]

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Kustom Timber

Gone are the days when timber flooring was nowhere to be found in the kitchen and timber floors have slowly been making their way into kitchen design thanks to their versatility and durability. In 2019, we can expect this trend to continue and oak flooring is featuring a favourite option with its warm aesthetic and[…]

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Wooden Floors

Although timber floors are low maintenance compared to other flooring options, such as carpet, you still need to take care of them so they continue to look their best. So, what can you do to avoid your timber floors looking dull and scuffed before their time? Let’s take a look at some of our favourite[…]

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parquetry wood flooring
Parquetry flooring dates back to 16th century France and involves tiles of wood being arranged into mosaic patterns. This stunning flooring choice can add interest to your space and offers a unique design feature for your home. If you’re interested in parquetry flooring Melbourne, there are a number of different designs you can choose from.[...]

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laminate vs hardwood
Whether you’re looking to capture the beauty of the Australian outback with spotted gum timber flooring or are looking for a more traditional oak finish, there’s nothing quite like the aesthetic of timber floors to take your home to the next level. When it comes to choosing new flooring, a lot of people aren’t sure[...]

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Timber flooring is a design choice which has stood the test of time and it can transform the look of your home. However, some people get a little nervous about opting for timber floors due to some unfortunate misconceptions. At Kustom Timber, we provide premium engineered oak flooring Melbourne and have heard a lot myths[...]

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