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So, you’ve selected your new timber wooden floorboards – soon, your home will be transformed! Like a lot of people, you might have opted for the professional installation of your floorboards, to ensure the best results possible. If you’re wondering what you need to prepare for the installation of your floorboards, we’re here to help. Today, we’ll give you our top tips so you can get ready for the installation of your new floors.

Move furniture out of the way

One of the biggest things that you may need to do before installation happens, to move your furniture out of the way. Think about where you can put your larger furniture during installation, get some people to help with the heavy lifting. In some cases, your installers will move the furniture out of the way for you but don’t assume this is the case. You don’t want the installation to be delayed so check ahead of time!

Remove wall and window coverings

It’s not just the furniture that needs to be moved out of the way. To avoid damage, take down pictures and artwork from the walls, pack away your curtains and blinds. This means, your installers don’t have to worry about causing collateral damage during installation.

Protect against dust

There are no two ways about it – installing timber floorboards can generate a lot of dust. To avoid dust from getting into everything, close off the areas which aren’t going to effected by the installation, cover furniture with sheets. This makes it easier when you come to cleaning up and putting everything back.

Ask about the doors

In some cases, the doors will need to be removed to allow for installation. However, check whether this is necessary ahead of time – you don’t want to go the effort of removing doors, only to find out that you didn’t need to! Also, check with your installer whether the door clearance needs to be adjusted, to allow for the height of the floorboards.

Speak with your installer

The best tip we can give to help make sure that installation runs as smoothly as possible is to speak with your installer. They’ll be able to tell you exactly what the installation process will entail and what you need to do. Ask specific questions about how long installation is likely to take, when you can walk on your floors, and what preparation you need to do. That way, you know what’s coming and there won’t be any surprises.

Kustom Timber offers expert installation services, to ensure that your new floors look flawless. Our expert installers are qualified carpenters, so you can be guaranteed of precision results which will do your new floorboards justice. We manage your project from start to finish for an easy, hassle-free process, including coordinating with other trades as required.

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