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Timber flooring is a design choice which has stood the test of time and it can transform the look of your home. However, some people get a little nervous about opting for timber floors due to some unfortunate misconceptions. At Kustom Timber, we provide premium engineered oak flooring Melbourne and have heard a lot myths about timber flooring. Today, we’ll discuss some of the most common myths so you can get the real story!

Timber floors are high maintenance

A lot of people think that wooden floors are difficult to maintain and take up a lot of a lot of time. The reality is that timber floors are easy to maintain – all it takes is some simple maintenance. Give your floors a quick sweep each day to get rid of accumulated dirt and give them a proper vacuum every week or so. Just make sure you clean up any water spills to avoid damage.

Timber floors are expensive

While it’s true that timber floors can cost more initially compared to other flooring options such as carpet, they actually cost you less money in the long run due to their longevity. Also, engineered timber flooring is more cost effective than solid timber options while giving you the same benefits of hardwood.

Timber floors give a cold feel

Because timber is a hard flooring option, a lot of people worry that it will give a cold feel to the house like other hard floors such as tiling. However, the beauty of timber flooring is that bring a sense of warmth to the home and aren’t as cold underfoot as tiles or slate.

Timber floors can’t be used in wet areas

A very common misconception is that timber floors can’t be used in areas which are prone to moisture, such as the kitchen. In fact, the kitchen is the perfect place for hardwood flooring as it brings a sense of warmth to the space. You just need to be vigilant about cleaning up water.

Timber floors aren’t sustainable

We completely understand why timber flooring has a reputation for being unsustainable. After all, doesn’t it use slow growing hardwood? Luckily, these days there are plenty of sustainable options so you get the benefit of hardwood without the environmental impact. Just remember to look for timber which has been sourced from sustainable forests. Also, engineered timber is perfect as an eco-conscious choice as it only uses hardwood in the top layer.

At Kustom Timber, we offer carefully sources premium engineered oak flooring Melbourne for flooring designed to last generations. With our focus on sustainability, we use only renewable FSC approved oak trees and oversee the whole manufacturing process. With a range of colours and finishes, you’ll find the perfect fit for your home. We also offer expert installation services for a precision finished product.

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