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Engineered timber flooring has come a long way since the limited choices of the early days and there is now a stunning array of high-quality products for you to choose from. With our experience in providing stunning engineered oak flooring across Melbourne, it’s no wonder that we get asked a lot of questions about our products. With that in mind, today we’ll be answering some of the common questions including what is engineered oak flooring, how it is made and more.

What is engineered oak flooring?

Engineered wood is made up of a top veneer of solid hardwood and then an inner core comprised of layers of high-density wood.  The construction of engineered timber makes it more stable than solid wood and better able to withstand moisture, which is perfect for humid conditions. As well as being strong, they’re also lightweight.

Are there many engineered options for me to choose from?

When it comes to engineered oak flooring, you have plenty of options to choose from. Whether you want a very light colour to open up your space or prefer the drama of a darker floorboard, you’ll have access to a range of colours and designs. Due to the hardwood top layer, you’ll also receive all of the natural beauty of genuine oak.

Can engineered timber be sanded back?

Yes, they can. Good quality engineered timber has a genuine hardwood veneer on top which can be sanded back just like solid timber. Professional sanding and polishing only remove a very small amount of wood from the surface which means you’ll most likely be able to sand your floors a number of times.

How do I maintain my engineered floorboards?

That’s the great thing about engineered floorboards – they’re easy to maintain! Just run your broom or dust mop over them each day to pick up any dirt and debris and give the floors a vacuum every week or so. If your floors are especially dirty, you can give them a quick mop with specialist floor cleaner. Just remember to spot clean any spills to avoid water damage.

Can I install engineered timber floorboards myself?

If you’ve had experience installing floorboards in the past, or know someone who does, you can certainly do the installation yourself. However, in most cases it’s better to leave the installation in the hands of a professional – they have the experience to deliver flawless results without issues such as cupping or peaking.

Kustom Timber has a range of engineered oak timber flooring on offer to transform your home. Our products are specially designed for Australian conditions and will last for generations. With our focus on sustainability, all of our timber is sourced from FSC approved oak trees and we oversee the manufacturing process from start to finish. Our expert team offers end-to-end service with professional installation. If you have any questions regarding what is engineered oak flooring, which flooring will perfectly complement your home interiors and more, get in touch with our flooring experts.

For oak engineered timber flooring, contact Kustom Timber today on (03) 8609 6027 or come along to our showroom.