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Timber flooring is one of the most sought after flooring options for the home – after all, it’s
attractive, versatile, hard wearing and easy to clean. However, there are times where you
may be stuck with wooden floors that you just don’t love. As experts in the scene of floor
sanding and polishing in Melbourne, we know that often all it takes is a bit of facelift for you
to see your floors in a whole new light. If you hate the look of your floors, let’s look at what
you can do about it!


If you can’t stand to look at your scratched up, damaged wooden floors any longer, we get
it. Although there’s nothing like the look of brand new timber floors, over time they can
start to take on a damaged look after years of wear and tear. If your floors are looking
shabby, simply sanding back and refinishing the flooring can make a huge difference.
Professional sanding takes the top layer off the floorboards and this removes years of built
up damage to reveal smooth, like-new timber underneath.

The ability to sand your floorboards will depend on the thickness of the top layer of timber
and how many times it’s been sanded in the past – ask one of our flooring experts and
they’ll be able to help with this.


Maybe your floorboards are in perfect condition, but the colour just isn’t to your taste. This
is often the case when people move into a new home and are left with the very yellow
looking 1980s and 1990s style of timber flooring. If you hate the colour of your floorboards,
don’t organise to cover them up just yet. Instead, you can opt to get your timber floors
stained a different colour to provide a completely different look. Whether you want to go
for a dramatic, darker colour or just want to restore the look of the natural wood, there’s a
staining option to transform your floors.


Yep, those high gloss floors that you might be stuck with certainly aren’t for everyone and
may not suit your style. For example, families will often find very glossy finishes impractical
because they have a habit of showing up dirt and marks and tend to wear unevenly. If
you’re lusting after the more matte, modern finish, don’t despair – you can simply have
your floors gently sanded and polished to give a whole new look.

Here at Kustom Timber, we offer precision timber floor sanding and polishing to restore
your floors to their former glory. We have a range of stains and polishes which can give new
life to old floors. We can also offer you guidance if you want to completely update the
existing colour. Your timber floors are in safe hands with us!

For professional timber floor polishing in Melbourne, contact the professional team at
Kustom Timber today on (03) 9645 3857.