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One of the best things about timber flooring is that it offers a timeless look that can look incredible with any style. However, with a few simple design ideas, you can take full advantage of the character and versatility offered by your wood floors. As experts in timber flooring in Melbourne, we’re here to share some of our tips for your timber flooring.

1. Light vs dark timber

If you’re getting new timber floors, these days you have the choice of a range of colour options so you can use your flooring to add to your own personal style. One of the biggest choices you need to make is light timber vs dark timber. Lighter timber gives a more contemporary feel and is very popular at the moment thanks to the move towards a more minimalist, Scandinavian look. Lighter floors can also make a smaller space look bigger. On the other hand, darker flooring gives a feeling of richness and warmth, as well as offering a look of classic elegance. Think about the style and decor of your home and go from there.

2. Add a rug

Timber floors look beautiful on their own and can be used as a feature in themselves. However, rugs can also be paired with wood flooring to great effect. If you want to add a pop of colour to tie in with the rest of your décor, your flooring is neutral enough to be able to carry any rug and you can replace them over the years as your tastes change. A rug can also be used in large living areas to break up space. In other areas, a rug can also act as valuable protection. Kid’s bedrooms and playrooms are perfect examples of areas that may benefit from a rug to not only personalise the space but also protect the flooring from damage.

3. Create some contrast

Don’t be shy about creating some contrast with your timber flooring. If you have lighter coloured flooring, you can opt for darker coloured walls for a striking finish. This is particularly effective in large areas. For darker coloured floors, think about introducing light or white coloured furniture and accessories. It’s also fine to add in contrasting wooden furniture – you don’t need to match your floors to your furniture! It’s all about being faithful to the style you love and creating contrasting colours and textures in your space can add real interest.

Kustom Timber provide premium engineered timber flooring which is designed for Australian conditions. Whether you’re seeking a traditional look or prefer a more modern feel, we have a range of products to suit every style. Our professional team will be there every step of the way to ensure you’re left with the perfect final product. Let us help transform your home today!

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