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Nothing looks shabbier than beautiful timber floors which have been scratched beyond recognition from years of wear. If this sounds familiar, sanding back and polishing your floors is often all it takes to have them looking like new again. If you’re thinking about going ahead with floor sanding in Melbourne, there are a few things you need to think about before you go ahead. Let’s take a look!

Do you have enough thickness in your floorboards?

Unfortunately, you can’t keep endlessly sanding back your timber floors – there’s only so many times you can take the top layer off the timber. With good quality engineered timber flooring, there will be enough thickness for it to be sanded back a number of times, but you may need the professionals to take a look to ensure there’s enough thickness.

Which finish would you prefer?

After your timber floors are sanded back, the finish you choose can have a big impact on the final look. A high gloss finish might like good but keep in mind that it will show up dirt and marks, which is makes it a higher maintenance option. A satin finish is durable and has a slight sheen and a matte finish gives a more modern feel.

Do you want a colour change?

Sanding your floors back doesn’t just give you the chance to get rid of imperfections – it also means you can change the colour of your flooring with a stain. Whether you just want a slight change or want to completely reinvent the look of your floors, there are plenty of high quality stains available on the market.

Is there any serious damage?

Although superficial imperfections are easy enough to remove with light sanding, more serious damage is a different story. For example, water damage may mean that some of the flooring needs to be replaced rather than sanded back. If you think you have more serious damage, it’s best to get the professionals in the take a closer look.

Do you need some professional help?

Unfortunately, a lot of people underestimate what’s involved with sanding back timber floors and it’s easy to find yourself in over your head if it’s your first try. Remember that it can be time consuming and disruptive to sand back the floors yourself and you don’t want to risk causing more damage than you’re fixing. If you’re not confident to do it yourself, simply call in the professionals.

Kustom Timber provide expert staining, polishing and floor sanding Melbourne. We have an extensive range of different colours or finishes to choose from so you can restore your old floorboards to their original lustre, or create a whole new look. If you need guidance on whether your floors are in need of sanding and polishing, speak to us today and our experts can take a look.

For professional floor sanding and polishing Melbourne, contact Kustom Timber today on (03) 8609 6027.