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If you’re lucky enough to have timber flooring, you have floors which could outlast you! However, that doesn’t mean that your floorboards are immune to wear and tear and you’ll find over time they’ll begin to look a little faded. If you’re not sure whether it’s time to get the professionals in and have your timber flooring sanded back, we’re here to share with you some of the main signs that some TLC is required.


1. Water damage

Timber flooring is resilient and long-lasting but you need to act quickly if there’s water damage. Whether you have water damage from a dripping roof, leaking air conditioner, high levels of moisture or flooding, you need to attend to the damage straight away to avoid separation and warping of the floorboards. Once you’ve confirmed that the damage isn’t so severe that you need to replace floorboards (which hopefully isn’t the case!), the floors can be sanded back once dry and then refinished.


2. Visible scratches

With timber flooring, it’s normal for them to have some scratches and minor marks won’t impact on the look. However, over the years scratches, scuffs and other forms of damage can build up and eventually leave your floors looking pretty shabby. If you find that your floorboards are looking worse for wear, professional sanding can restore them to their former glory. Most scratches tend to superficial and are easily be removed.


3. Discoloured floorboards

Even if your floors aren’t showing much in the way of scratches or damage, you may notice that some areas of your floorboards are starting to look discoloured and uneven in areas. Discolouration is a common occurrence is higher traffic areas where regular footfall means that some areas become faded. UV damage can also cause discolouration of flooring – this is often most obvious when you remove a rug in a sunny area and see a clear outline! Over time, moisture can also take its toll on your wood flooring and spills, wet feet and even regular cleaning can wear away the finish and cause some areas of the flooring to oxidise. Sanding back the floors can even out the colour and then the timber can be refinished.


4. Warping

If you realise that your floors are feeling a little uneven under your feet, your floorboards may be experiencing some warping. This may show itself as your flooring curling up at the edges, known as cupping, or bulging up in the middle, known as crowning. Warping most commonly occurs as the result of changes in temperature and moisture. Provided the flooring has been installed correctly and the warping isn’t too severe, sanding can even out the surface of the floor and get rid of any unevenness.

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