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For the experienced home renovator, installing your floorboards yourself can not only save you money but also gives you the satisfaction of completing the job yourself. Unfortunately, floorboard installation is often a lot harder than it looks and it can lead to a disappointing finished product when done incorrectly. At Kustom Timber, we offer expert timber flooring services Melbourne and have seen many a DIY home renovator fall into some common traps when it comes to putting their new floors in. Today, we’ll be looking at some of these mistakes so you can avoid them in the future!

Not leaving enough space between planks

A common mistake that DIY installers make is installing the planks too closely together. Although you might think this looks better, you need to leave enough space between the boards to account for expansion of the wood in the humidity. If you don’t leave enough space, this can lead to issues such as peaking.

Not planning the layout

You can’t just start laying down your floorboards and hoping for the best. Instead, the layout needs to be planned so you achieve the aesthetic you’re after. If you don’t plan properly, this can lead to too many joins in one area, different length planks or unusual wood tones.

Not taking moisture into account

Timber floorboards will expand in the humidity and contract in the heat. If you don’t take into account the moisture levels when installing your floors, you could find the floorboards you installed in high humidity suddenly contract when the weather dries up and leave you with too-large gaps. Let the floorboards sit in the house for a few days so they acclimatise.

Not preparing the subfloor

It’s exciting when your floorboards arrive and it’s understandable that you want them in as soon as possible. However, you need to make sure you take the time to prepare your subfloor for the best results possible. This means ensuring the subfloor is clean, dry and even.

Not contacting the professionals

In many cases, the biggest mistake people make is forging ahead with DIY installation of their timber floors when they really should be calling in the professionals. Even if you’ve already started but have realised you’re in over your head, call the experts in to take a look – it can make the biggest difference to the final look of your project.

At Kustom Timber, we offer timber floor installation Melbourne for a stunning final result. Our team of experienced professionals will carry out your installation to the highest standards and offer friendly, reliable service. We can also assists with more complex tasks such as timber stairs and intricate parquetry. If you need help with engineered or solid timber flooring installation, we can help!

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