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If you’re looking for a timeless look for your new floors, Australian timbers are a great option. One of the most popular choices when it comes to Australian hardwood flooring is blackbutt which offers a distinct aesthetic and classic appeal. Let’s take a look at the features that make blackbutt flooring so special.

Highly durable

One of the most attractive features of blackbutt timber flooring is that it’s highly durable and long lasting. This means that with the correct care, you floors will last for generations. Many other flooring options look great initially but over time begin to show signs of wear which mean that you need to invest in new flooring. With blackbutt floorboards, you can simply sand and polish your floors every few years to return them to their original beauty.

Australian grown

When you purchase blackbutt flooring, you’re buying locally sourced timber which is grown right here in Australia. The fact that it’s an Australian timber also means that it’s perfect for Australian conditions. In fact, it’s so durable that it’s often recommended for home construction in bushfire prone areas thanks to its excellent fire rating.

Easy to maintain

If you’re worried that your blackbutt flooring will prove to be too high maintenance, you don’t need to – this hardwearing timber doesn’t need much in the way of maintenance. Simply invest in a microfibre broom to get rid of dirt and debris and then mop every so often with a specialist timber floor cleaning solution. As with all timber flooring, you need to avoid it getting exposed to too much moisture so use minimal water when mopping and clean up any spills straight away.

Stunning colour

If you’re after a unique aesthetic in your home, blackbutt is a perfect choice. The colour of blackbutt varies (that’s the beauty of genuine hardwood) but it generally comes in pale creams and light browns. The lighter hue makes it a great option for smaller spaces due to its ability to reflect light and open up the area. The timeless look also means that it will adjust well to your changing style. No matter the design of your home, blackbutt will fit right in.

At Kustom Timber, we understand that you want your timber flooring to last for generations. We offer engineered oak flooring in a range of colours and styles to suit your lifestyle. We also offer a stunning range of Australian timber flooring with options including blackbutt, grey ironbark and spotted gum. Our team also provide expert installation for the perfect finished product. Explore our range today!

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