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If you’re looking to install stairs in a new home or have existing stairs which need a serious overhaul, timber is the perfect option. Not only do they look great, timber stairs are also hard wearing which makes them perfect for this high traffic area. Unfortunately, there are some common mistakes that a lot of people make when it comes to the design and installation of their timber stairs. Let’s take a look at what they are so you know to avoid them!

Mistake #1: Choosing Poor Quality Timber

It’s essential that you choose high quality timber for your staircase. Inferior quality timber may look good for a period of time but it won’t be as hard wearing as premium options. Engineered timber is perfect for your staircase as it’s durable and long lasting which makes it perfect for the heavy use your stairs will be subjected to. Just make sure the top layer of your timber is genuine hardwood.

Mistake #2: Opting For a Style That Doesn’t Suit the House

When you’re getting a new staircase installed, you might fall in a love with a design you spotted online or in a magazine. However, you need to make sure the style you choose suits the rest of the home. For example, if you choose an ultra-modern staircase but have a more contemporary style home then the final look can be a little confused. That doesn’t mean that different styles can’t work well together, it just needs to be done the right way.

Mistake #3: Forgetting the Anti-Slip Finish

While you want your new staircase to look good aesthetically once it’s installed, it also needs to be functional. The last thing you want is to have stairs which are unsafe! For this reason, always make sure that you have an anti-slip finish on your timber so you don’t have to worry about people slipping as they come up and down the stairs.

Mistake #4: Forgetting About the Importance of the Balustrade

It’s not just the steps you need to think about – your balustrade is also something you need to consider You not only need to decide what style you want to go for but also practicalities such as the height of your balustrade and whether it’s safe. Your expert stair installer will be able to give you some guidance so don’t be shy about asking a few questions.

If you’re looking to install timber stairs in your home, or your existing stairs are in dire need of a facelift, Kustom Timber will transform them your staircase into an eye catching feature. We have a range of engineered timber options which will complement your individual style and our use of anti-slip technology means your stairs will also be safe.

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