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Hardwood flooring services don’t just assist with installation- they can also transform the look of your timber flooring with professional sanding and polishing. If your timber floors are looking a bit worse for wear, you’ll be surprised at the impact a new finish can have on the look of your flooring. The two most popular finishes are matte and satin, so today we’ll be taking a closer look at these two options to help you decide which is right for you.


The matte finish has increased in popularity in recent years due to its clean, sleek look which reflects a minimalist aesthetic. This is the option which has the lowest level of sheen, only around 10 – 25%, so you’re not left with the lustre of more traditional finishes. A matte finish is the most effective option when it comes to hiding scratches and imperfections due to the fact that it won’t reflect light and show up damage.

From a practical perspective, a matte finish is a popular option in kids’ bedrooms and high traffic areas thanks to its ability to hide scuffs and scratches. It also does a fantastic job of hiding dirt which makes it a low maintenance finish. With its flat finish, some people find this look too plain but it can be used to great effect in contemporary spaces. Scandinavian and Hamptons style homes, which are popular current designs, often adopt matte timber flooring.


If you like to look of a bit of sheen on your floors, but want something more subtle than high gloss, a satin finish is the perfect middle ground. Compared to its high gloss counterpart, a satin finish used around a 35 – 40% sheen level. A satin finish has the ability to spread light evenly throughout the space for a uniform look, so it looks newer for longer. This option is the most popular finish for new timber floors thanks to its universal appeal . A satin finish will suit every style of home, particularly more traditional styles, and will blend seamlessly if you decide to change your style or décor along the way.

Compared to high gloss which shows dirt and scratches, a satin finish will hide the dust and means minor imperfections won’t stand out. Satin timber flooring is great for families because it’s hard wearing, while also being able to hide imperfections. If you prefer a glossy look, satin could be the best option given the issues with high gloss from a practical perspective.

Expert timber flooring services

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