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The flooring choice you make for your home has a huge impact on the overall aesthetic, so it’s important that you get it right. When it comes to flooring, two of the most popular options would have to be timber flooring and carpet. So, which is best for your home? As experts in engineered timber flooring Melbourne, we get a lot of questions about carpet versus timber flooring so today we’re going to give you the lowdown!


When it comes to durability, you really can’t go past timber floorboards. Daily foot traffic and general wear and tear can leave even the most robust carpet looking pretty shabby as time goes on. However, wooden flooring is highly durable and is the perfect choice for heavy traffic areas. Although wooden floor aren’t immune to damage, they can be sanded back and polished to restore them to their former glory without having to be replaced.


Carpets and floorboards both receive equal punishment when it comes to dirt, grime, hair and spills. However, the difference is that floorboards are far easier to keep clean because wooden flooring doesn’t hold onto the dirt that carpet does. While a spill on wooden floors can easily be wiped up, spills in carpet fibres are much harder to remove.


From a cost perspective, you can expect wooden floorboard to be more expensive, while carpet is a budget friendly option. However, it’s important to remember that timber floors are a true investment and are designed to last for generations, while carpet will require frequent replacing.


Timber floorboards have that timeless appeal that will truly stand the test of time. It gives warmth to the home while also giving a sense of sophistication and is a sought after look from an aesthetic perspective. While carpet can look great initially, they do tend to date more quickly as styles change and they can also show wear more quickly.

At Kustom Timber, we create stunning engineered European oak flooring which is designed to last for generations. We oversee the manufacturing process from start to finish and we use only FSC approved trees. Our craftsmanship and attention to details means that you can be confident your floors will stand the test of time. We also offer a range of styles and finishes to suit every home.

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