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When done right, sanding back and refinishing your timber floors can restore them to their former glory and have them looking like new again. On the other hand, it can lead to disappointing results, and even serious damage, if done incorrectly. Sanding back timber floors is one of those activities that seems like it would be easy enough but, unfortunately, there’s a lot that can go wrong. If you’re thinking of sanding back your timber floors, we’re here to share some of the most common mistakes people make during this process so you know to avoid them!

Using the wrong sandpaper

A very common mistake that people make when sanding back timber floors for the first time is using the wrong sandpaper. A lot of people are tentative about sanding back too much so they use sandpaper which is too fine. This not only means that the sandpaper clogs up too quickly, it also means it’ll take forever to finish the job! Get a range of sandpaper and you generally need to start with coarse paper to remove the top later of varnish.

Not taking enough off the surface

When you first start sanding back the floors, it usually doesn’t take long to notice that scratches and dirt are starting to lift away. Pretty soon, your tired timber floors start to look amazing! However, remember that a common mistake is people thinking that they’ve taken enough of the top layer off when in fact they haven’t removed all of the previous finish.

Going too hard on damaged areas

You only have so much timber to work with when you’re sanding back your floors so while you need to take enough off the top, don’t go overboard. This is especially common if you have areas on your floor which are particularly uneven or have deep damage. Don’t keep going over these spots over and over again or you’ll wear away the timber.

Using poor quality finish

If you’ve gone to the effort of spending days sanding your floors back, don’t then scrimp on the final step. The finish you use on your floor isn’t the area you want to be saving money as it will make all the difference to the aesthetic and longevity of your floors. Shop around for the best quality finish possible and do your research so you know you’re using reputable product.

Not calling in the professionals

If you’ve been thinking about doing your floor sanding yourself and it’s sounding a bit daunting, or even if you’ve started and you’re not seeing results, don’t feel like you can’t call in the professionals. Getting a professional in to take care of the floor sanding means you’ll get a perfect finished product without needing to worry about mistakes.

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