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Although timber floors are low maintenance compared to other flooring options, such as carpet, you still need to take care of them so they continue to look their best. So, what can you do to avoid your timber floors looking dull and scuffed before their time? Let’s take a look at some of our favourite wood floor care tips.

Keep on top of dirt and dust

It’s so easy to forget about the dirt and dust building up on your floors but it can lead to scratched and damaged floors. When it comes to preventing dirt and dust from tracking through the house, just a couple of simple steps can make a big difference. Firstly, put mats at the front and back doors to trap dirt before it can make its way onto your floors. Secondly, get the family to remove their shoes and leave them at the front door before coming inside – it makes a huge difference!

Pull out the vacuum

Regular vacuuming is the most efficient way of keeping your floor free from dust and debris. Remember to use a soft vacuum head which has been designed for wooden floors. Also, make sure your vacuum doesn’t cause damage itself when you’re pulling it across the floor. If you can’t be bothered pulling out the vacuum, at the very least grab your microfibre broom and give the floors a once over.

Use a specialised cleaner

When you’re giving your floors a proper clean, use a specialised cleaner that is targeted towards wooden floors. Other cleaners can cause scratches and damage so avoid products such as bleach or detergent which can strip and damage the timber. If you’re spot cleaning, use a soft, damp cloth – avoid anything abrasive. While scourers may remove the damage, they’ll probably also remove some of your finish.

Clean up spills quickly

One of the biggest issues which can cause serious damage to your floors is moisture. For this reason, stay on top of liquid spills and clean them up immediately – leaving water on your floors can cause the wood to swell and lift. If there is a significant spill, turn on the heater or open the windows after the water is cleaned up to help the timber dry.

Protect from scratches

While superficial damage is often caused by people tracking dirt through the house, more serious scratches are often caused by furniture moving around. To protect your floors, invest in some felt pads, and attach them to the legs of your furniture. Remember to take a look at your pads every six to twelve months and replace them if necessary.

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