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When it comes to your timber flooring, it takes precision and care to ensure you’re left with the perfect finished product. At Kustom Timber, we specialise in laying engineered timber flooring and our attention to detail and extensive experience produces truly stunning results. Of course, the specialist nature of the work requires the right equipment and our job is made a lot easier with Festool tools.

Quality equipment counts

When you see an expert laying timber floors, it looks easy. However, it takes a lot of skill (and the correct tools!) to do it right and a lot of DIY home renovators end up with poor quality results after mistakenly thinking laying flooring is a simple task. Badly laid timber flooring simply doesn’t have the same aesthetic appeal as professional installation and you can be left with abnormal gaps, a poorly planned layout, mismatched floorboards, or more serious issues such as peaking and cupping.

On the other hand, leaving your floorboard installation in the hand of experts with access to premium tools will leave you with stunning flooring which can transform the look of your house. A professional job means that your timber floors will continue to look beautiful for years to come.

Premium Festool power tools

Laying floors to a high standard is all about using power tools which deliver outstanding results. The craftsmen at Kustom Timber rely on Festool to help with the installation of our engineered floors thanks to their innovative range of high quality power tools.

One of our favourite Festool pieces of equipment has to be the Festool Kapex 120 Drop Saw which does most of the heavy lifting when it comes to precision joins and precise cuts. The ability to give fine adjustments means millimetre precision during installation. Our Kustom Timber Director, Mark, had this to say about the Kapex 120 Drop Saw:

“This is our company’s workhorse. A precise saw that cuts clean, sharp and accurate every time. Foldable, so we can chuck them in and out of our vans and utes easily and quickly. Wheels on the back makes for ease of use when on the work site, from room to room and changing location. Very good dust extraction when paired with the any of the larger Festool Vacs.”

Another product that we use at Kustom Timber is the Festool TS55 Track Saw which makes ultra-precise plunge cuts so we can carry out intricate work with ease. When talking about the TS55 Track Saw, Mark said:

“A little ripper of a saw. So good we have one in every vehicle. Extremely accurate for cutting borders, inlays, into doorways. The only way to cut a clean straight line. This saw can just about to anything and everything you can throw at it.”

When it comes to clean up, we like to minimise mess and keep disruption to a minimum. That’s why we rely on the CT36 Dust Extractor for efficient dust and chip extraction. Mark can’t speak highly enough of the CT36 Dust Extractor, saying:

“To put it simply, one seriously powerful vacuum. This vac could suck the chrome off a tow ball. Saw dust, dust extraction, concrete dust, this girl has you covered. Sturdy, tough reliable. On wheels and goes everywhere we do. We would not leave home without this piece of arsenal in out kitty.”

Precision timber floor installation

At Kustom Timber, we create timber flooring which is designed to last for generations. We pride ourselves on our precision workmanship when it comes to installing engineered oak floors. For our installation and sanding and polishing services, we couldn’t get the job done to our high standards if it wasn’t for Festool and their range of premium equipment which we use on each and every project. While we’ve discussed our favourite Festool products which we use in our work, they also have a range of other power tools on offer.

For beautiful engineered oak flooring, look no further than Kustom Timber. Visit our showroom or contact us on (03) 8609 6027. To learn more about Festool and their range of products, you can visit them at https://www.festool.com.au/.