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It’s no secret: timber floors are an elegant addition to any home. Homeowners all over the world consistently come back to using timber floors to elevate the look of their residences, and for good reason. Wood just evokes a charming and fashionable vibe that’s hard to replicate. And add that to the fact that wooden floors, when taken care of, can last for years and years, well – it’s no surprise that it’s a top choice.

But if you’re new to having timber floors, or want to know what you can do to really make sure that your wooden flooring will last for as long as it can while still looking beautiful, read on to find your complete guide to looking after your timber flooring. Follow these tips and tricks and you’ll see how easy it is to keep your floors pristine!

General Care & Polishing

When it comes to wooden floorboards, it’s important to make sure that you are cleaning the surfaces with gentle tools.

Use a soft bristled broom to minimise the risk of scratches when you’re sweeping your floors, and do this once a week to prevent larger pieces of debris from scratching against the surface, which can lead to unsightly marks. If you’ve got marks on the floors that can’t be brushed away with a broom, use a mop – but make sure that you’re wiping the floor surfaces with a dry cloth immediately to prevent moisture damage. This is key to making sure that your floors are clean and won’t get damaged by errant particles. It’s an easy way to maintain your floors, plus you can keep them dust free more frequently, too!

If you think that your wooden floors could do with a polish, there are many polishes available in the market. While you could DIY this, it’s always best to leave it to the experts, and hire a contractor to ensure that your floors are polished perfectly, leaving you with beautifully glossy floors that will just elevate the look of the room.

Regular Maintenance

Timber floors lend an elegant and striking look to homes no matter how long ago they’ve been installed. But most homeowners who have managed to maintain their flooring for years do so by keeping to simple guidelines.

Don’t use heels, or abrasive footwear, when walking on the floors. This minimises small dimples and dents in the flooring, which can over time degrade the integrity of the surfaces and the polish. If you have pets, use rugs to prevent their nails from clicking and scratching against the surface, too.

Use furniture grippers or pads to ensure that the legs of your furniture do not dig into the surface of the flooring, which can lead to unsightly dents and scratches from general use and movement. While your floors will, over time, acquire minimal scratches from general foot traffic, it’s a good idea to use products like these. After all, prevention is better than cure, and if you can prevent unsightly marks, it’s best to go ahead and invest in your floor’s protection.

Lastly, be careful of liquid contact on your flooring. Water can damage your floors if you’re not careful. Spills, when left alone for long periods of time, can cause your floorboards to swell up and shift, which can be hard to repair. If any form of liquid spills on your beautiful wooden floor, mop it up immediately, and dry the area as best as you can. Try to prevent prolonged contact with moisture to keep your floors looking great. Otherwise, swollen floorboards can be a risk for injuries, and can make your flooring look unkempt.

Repairing Damage

Over the years, timber flooring can get scratched up from general use. While these natural marks over time provide a lived-in feel for the home, it’s also understandable that some homeowners want to return their floors into a pristine state. When it comes to that, contractors in your area can sand back your flooring, refinish it, and polish, extending the life of your wooden flooring for many more years. Not only that, but it will give your floors new life, and you can change up the look if you’re wanting a new aesthetic for your home design. Wanting to refinish your lighter coloured timber flooring? A dark stain can really amp up the feeling of luxury in your home!

Timber floors are an excellent investment for any home. Its installation not only gives an elevant vibe in any room, but you can also rest easy knowing that with proper care and maintenance, it will last for many years. Get brand new timber flooring today and consult with our experts at Kustom Timber to find out how timber flooring can make your home look better, brighter, and bolder.