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Nothing ruins the look of your beautiful timber flooring than years of built up damage. After all, there’s character and then there’s just plain shabby. If you’re sick of new scratches emerging on your floorboards, there are a few things you can do to prevent them from occurring. As experts in timber flooring Melbourne, today we’ll be looking at what you can do to prevent scratches from building up.

Felt the Furniture

One of the best things you can do to prevent damage from building up on your floorboards is to felt the bottom of your furniture. Even if it’s furniture you don’t move regularly, like couches, damage can build up around the legs from slight movements. For furniture such as chairs, it’s especially important that you protect the feet as they are constantly being moved around.

Use Mats at Entry Points

Damage often occurs when dirt and grit is tracked in from outside. To prevent this from happening, invest in some door mats at the front and back doors. You can also consider buying mats for inside the doors to further prevent dirt from causing scratches. There are some great mats on the market which will complement the aesthetic of your floorboards!

Shoes Off Where Possible

People often don’t think about the impact that wearing shoes can have on the condition of your floorboards but the damage can really add up over the years! We’re not just talking about the divots that can be caused by stilettos – all kinds of shoes can cause superficial scratches and carry dirt throughout the house. Try to encourage people to get into the habit of taking their shoes off at the entry.

Keep On Top of Maintenance

Not only does dirt and debris take away from the overall look of your floorboards, it can also contribute to scratches when grit rubs on the surface of the floorboards. Aim to give your floors a quick sweep every day and do a proper vacuum once a week to get rid of accumulated dirt.

Professional Sanding

No matter how carefully you look after your floors, there will come a time where the damage has gotten to a point where it’s time to get the professionals in. Professional sanding will get rid of surface damage to reveal new wood underneath. You can also update the finish of you floors for a new look.

Kustom Timber provide engineered European oak flooring to transform your home or business. Our floorboards are designed for Australian conditions and are sources from FSC approved trees to ensure long term sustainability. Our team of professionals can carry out precision installation, so you are guaranteed a quality finished look. If you need professional help to get rid of damage, we also offer professional sanding, polishing and staining services.

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