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If you’re looking for a unique flooring option for your home, engineered timber parquetry may be the perfect solution. Parquetry dates all the way back to 16th century France and has impressive origins thanks to it featuring in the luxurious palace of Versailles. As a departure from traditional floorboards, parquet flooring consists of blocks of timber being arranged in a mosaic pattern. Today, let’s take a look at why parquetry flooring could be the perfect choice for your home.

Hard wearing option

When you choose engineered timber parquetry flooring, you’re investing in a long lasting flooring solution which, when cared for correctly, will last generations. Engineered timber is constructed from several layers which makes it both tough and moisture resistant. The top layer is made from genuine hardwood which can stand up to daily wear and tear.

Versatile uses around the home

Despite its grand beginnings with the French aristocracy, parquetry is a versatile flooring option which can be used to great effect in most homes. Whether you’re looking into uniform flooring throughout the house but don’t want to opt for traditional floorboards, have an entranceway which could do with some character or want to make a feature of a certain area, parquetry could be just what you need to provide warmth and personality.

Numerous design options

Although herringbone and chevron are the most common parquetry designs, your choices are endless and you can choose a pattern which suits your personality. Basketweave, brickbond, double herringbone and Versailles are just some examples of parquet patterns you can integrate into your home. It’s not just the pattern itself that can add interest – you could also opt for a unique stain or use contrasting coloured timber pieces.

Hassle free maintenance

When you see the often intricate patterns involved in parquet flooring, it’s easy to assume that it takes special care. In fact, engineered timber parquetry flooring is just as resilient as regular floorboards and, when installed correctly, can last generations. Simple run the vacuum over your floors once a week and do a quick sweep in between if there’s a build-up of dust. Like any other timber flooring, you need to make sure spills are cleaned up as quickly as possible to avoid damaging the timber.

Easy to restore

If you’re lucky enough to already have parquetry flooring in place but it’s looking a little worse for wear, you don’t need to worry about being stuck with scruffy flooring. Provided there is enough thickness in the timber, you can easily get your flooring looking like new with professional sanding and polishing. Sanding will get rid of scratches and other damage and you can choose your stain and finish to enhance the look of the parquet.

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