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Nothing beats having a real Christmas tree when it comes to decorating for the festive season. Not only does it look fantastic, but it also smells incredible.

But if you’re bringing in a real Christmas tree and placing it on your home, you’ve got to protect the goods (and by goods we mean your stunning timber flooring). Here are our top tips:

1. Clean, clean, clean!

Make sure the space you’re going to put your tree in is clean and tidy. Sweep the area well to make sure there won’t be any debris caught under the tree that could potentially scratch your timber floors.

2. Protect your floors

Put something down before you bring the tree inside. This could be an old sheet, or you could get a little fancier and get yourself a tree skirt. This will catch any loose pine needles or sap that falls from the tree.

3. Shake it

Shake your tree well before bringing it indoors to make sure loose pine needles and sap aren’t clinging on. If this lands on your timber floors, it could result in scratches. You can also place some old sheets down along the route as you carry your tree inside, to make sure you’re catching any hangers-on.

4. Clean again

Once your tree has been placed in its spot, clean up any pine needles or sap that may have fallen around the area. If your tree is in a pot, place something beneath it to catch any excess water.

5. Enjoy!

Now it’s time for the fun part – decorate and enjoy! Throughout the Christmas season, make sure you regularly vacuum and clean the area around the tree. A quick vacuum every day is ideal but, if not, every second day is okay too!

6. Moving it out

Come January, it’s sadly time to say goodbye. When removing your tree, make sure you wrap it up to prevent any mess from transporting it. After it’s gone, do another thorough vacuum and mop. And you’re done!