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The beauty of timber flooring is that you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to colour, whether you love the drama of a dark timber or prefer a lighter flooring aesthetic. While we love both looks, today we’ll be taking a closer look at the benefits of choosing lighter coloured floorboards. Whether you’re thinking of going up to the lightest end of the spectrum with a whitewash flooring look or you prefer something in the middle, let’s take a look at some of the advantages of light coloured timber flooring.

Opens up space

One of the main benefits of choosing lighter coloured floorboards is their ability to open up space and make it seem bigger. They have an amazing ability to enhance the natural light and give an open, bright feel. Whether you have a small home or simply love an open, airy feel, then lighter flooring could be the perfect option. Lighter coloured floorboards are a popular option for apartments or smaller townhouses due to their ability to give the all-important illusion of space.

Shows less dirt and damage

If low maintenance flooring is your thing, lighter floorboards are probably the best option for you. Compared to darker colours, light floorboards do a great job of hiding dirt and dust so they pretty much always look clean – a bonus when you have company coming and don’t have time to vacuum! When it comes to the inevitable scratches and marks that appear over the years, lighter flooring disguises marks much more effectively than darker options which means you can get away with minor damage for longer before getting your floors professionally resurfaced.

Works with any design

Darker coloured floors add a sense of drama to space and can act as a real feature. However, if you prefer your floors to blend in rather than stand out, lighter coloured floors are perfect. Light flooring has the ability to blend into your home without overwhelming the space or shifting focus from your other design features. Your light flooring will stand the test of time and will shift seamlessly with your changing design tastes over the years. Lighter flooring also tends to provide a more traditional, timeless feel to your space.

Here at Kustom Timber, we carry a stunning range of premium engineered oak flooring in a range of colours and finishes. We have a focus on sustainability and oversee the manufacturing process from start to finish, with our timber ethically sourced from FSC approved oak trees. We also carry out expert installation of your new floorboards.

For whitewash-style flooring, Melbourne, along with a range of other colours and styles, visit the Kustom Timber showroom today or give us a call on (03) 8609 6027.