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Engineered oak timber flooring is not only beautiful but is also hardwearing enough to last generations. However, you need to look after it to make sure you get the most out of your floors. As the experts in engineered oak flooring Melbourne, we’re here to share our tips on maintaining your timber floors so they look their best year after year.

Sweep regularly

The main maintenance that’s required for engineered timber flooring is regular sweeping – a soft, microfibre broom is ideal. This not only keeps your floors looking their best, it gets rid of any dirt which could potentially cause damage. Aim for daily sweeping – once you get in the habit, it only takes a few minutes.

Mop with minimal water

To keep your timber floors in great shape, mop your floors every week or so to help remove any build up or grime. Remember to use as little water as possible and invest in some specialised wooden floor cleaner – most general floor cleaners will be too abrasive for timber floors.

Wipe up any spills

Moisture is the biggest thing you need to watch for with your timber floors as water damage can cause the wood the expand. Also, some spills have the potential to stain if you leave them for too long. For this reason, make sure you get onto spills right away.

Felt the bottom of furniture

If you’ve ever moved furniture on wooden floors, you might have seen the scratches which can happen if the bottom isn’t protected. This is especially the case for furniture which is moved around a lot, such as chairs. Take some time to add felt the bottom of your furniture to offer some protection for your floor.

Invest in doormats

Over time, dirt and grit which comes into the house on the bottom of shoes can cause cumulative scratches and damage. To trap some of this debris before it has a chance to do damage, invest in some doormats at the front and back doors.

Avoid shoes inside

Shoes are one of the main culprits for tracking dirt and grit inside the house and certain high heels (we’re looking at you, stilettos) can cause divots in the floor. One of the easiest ways to avoid shoe-induced damage is to leave shoes at the front doors. This is a particularly good idea if you have kids!

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