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When faced with older floorboards that have seen better days, often people aren’t quite sure what to do. Do you simply replace them with that new oak flooring you’ve been eyeing off, or try to give the existing floors a facelift? Although in some cases sanding and polishing is all your flooring needs, there may be times where they’re damaged to such an extent that replacement is the best option. Let’s take a look at some of the warning signs that new timber flooring might be on the cards.

Springy or spongy floorboards

No matter the quality of the original floorboards, wood doesn’t last forever and eventually it will begin to decay and feel soft and bouncy under your feet. Another cause for springy floorboards could be issues with the floor, or subfloor, which may mean that new flooring will need to be installed.

Water damage

Timber flooring is hard wearing and resilient, but water damage can cause serious problems with swelling, peeling, buckling, warping and cupping. In the case of minor water damage, you may be able to sand it back once it’s try, or only replace a couple of boards. However, in the case of more serious damage, sometimes replacement is the only solution.

Structural problems

In some cases, there could be more serious underlying structural issues in your home which require fixing. Even if you have beautiful old floorboards, the structural issues may be such that they’ll need to be removed so repairs can take place. If you suspect structural issues, get a structural engineer or builder to take a look for you.

Worn out wood

The great thing about hardwood timber flooring is that once they eventually become too scratched and scruffy, you can have the floor sanded back and polished to remove damage and restore the original lustre. However, you can’t keep sanding back your floors forever and eventually it’ll get the point where the wood has just become too worn and the quality has become compromised.

Excessive movement

It’s normal to have some gaps in your timber flooring to account for expansion in the heat, so expect to see bigger gaps in the colder months. However, if you notice that your floorboards are moving while you’re walking on them, it could be a cause for concern and you should get your floors looked at by an expert to determine the problem. In some cases, your flooring may need to be replaced due to excessive movement.

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