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It’s sometimes easy to forget that all building materials, including our beautiful timber flooring, comes at a cost. As the majority of us are making changes in our lives to create a more sustainable future, we need to be following the same approach for our entire home. When you ensure that the timber that you’re using is sustainable, you’re doing what you can to limit your impact on the environment within your home and getting a high quality product in the process. Luckily, wood (or timber) is a fully renewable resource, and so we must stay on top of how our actions are affecting the environment so that we can help to preserve the beautiful forests around the globe. 

Kustom Timber is committed to sustainability and all of our European oak timber possesses the PEFC and the FSC logos which verify sustainable harvesting processes. First of all though, what is sustainable timber?

What is sustainable timber?

Simply put, timber that has been harvested in a responsible manner is considered to be sustainable. This means that when one tree is cut down in order to be used as part of your new timber feature in your home, then a new tree must be planted as a replacement. 

You might also see the term ‘sustainable forestry’ floating around, but this is a more in-depth process that manages the winder environment to ensure that no damage is done to it in the process of harvesting the trees.

If you’re in the market for Australian hardwood flooring, make sure that you go through a supplier who can guarantee that they acquire their timber from a sustainable source. Two of the main certification logos to look out for come from the PEFC and the FSC.

Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC)

The PEFC is a global non-profit organisation which takes on the responsibility of caring for forests all throughout the world. They provide certification as a part of their sustainable forest management promotion process. This certification makes sure that the timber that reaches the market has been responsibly sourced from a forest which has been sustainably managed. 

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

The FSC groups together the interests of the environment, industry and wider community to help promote responsible forestry.  The certification means that the management of the forest is being done to help preserve the natural ecosystem whilst also making sure that it will sustain economic viability.

This council also provides a clearer direction for managers of forests on how they can meet the requirements of the FSC. For instance, one such way that this occurs is by providing advice on how to conduct social impact assessments. 

How to verify whether you’re using sustainable timber

Make sure to check for the logos of these two organisations on the timber products that you are purchasing as these are key indicators of their sustainability. Although some products can come from verified sources, they won’t be able to have these logos until the relevant third party body approves the chain of custody of the timber.

How is sustainable timber used in flooring?

Sustainable timber can be used for a variety of purposes, including in home furniture, benchtops or staircases. However, you’ll often see it used for timber flooring applications like in all of our products and projects completed by Kustom Timber.

Sustainable timber is usually extremely durable making it a perfect choice for flooring. This flooring can either be in solid or engineered timber, which each come with their distinct advantages. The natural timber has a beautiful range of textures, colours and features that make them all truly unique for your flooring needs.  

You’ll also be benefitting from the fact that the timber is easy to clean, making home maintenance much simpler. In many cases the timber can also be recycled, meaning you’re doing your part to furthering the sustainability of the products. 

What are we doing to help?

All of the European oak timber at Kustom Timber is carefully sourced from suppliers that are known to be promoting the overall care of the forests around the world. The leftover materials from the timber that we source are all sent on to be used in other applications such as paper mills. You can see our full sustainability statement and how we’re working to achieve it on our sustainable timber flooring page.

If you’d like to discuss this topic a bit further with us, please give our friendly team a call on (03) 8609 6027, or send through an enquiry to get some European oak timber samples sent to your home wherever you may be in Australia.