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Gone are the days when timber flooring was nowhere to be found in the kitchen and timber floors have slowly been making their way into kitchen design thanks to their versatility and durability. In 2019, we can expect this trend to continue and oak flooring is featuring a favourite option with its warm aesthetic and hard-wearing reputation. Let’s take a closer look at some stunning kitchens which have embraced oak timber flooring.

Neutral sophistication

One of the most appealing features of oak flooring is that it has a timeless aesthetic and this is reflected in the example above. In this kitchen, pale toned oak flooring contrasts beautifully with the dark cabinetry and feature benchtop. The timber flooring adds a sense of sophistication to space and the neutral tones fit with the style of the kitchen.

Seamless flow

Rather than having a kitchen area which abruptly changes to a different flooring style, oak flooring provides flow with the rest of the home as the same timber is continued throughout the living space. In the above kitchen, the honey-colored tones of the oak are highlighted by the stunning finish and the neutral floors blend perfectly with the pale blue cabinetry. The carefully finished floors are also resistant to moisture and easy to maintain.

Feature flooring

Oak flooring isn’t just popular in kitchens due to its hard wearing reputation – it can also act as a real feature as seen in the kitchen above. In this example, stunning oak parquet flooring has been used to great effect in the kitchen to add character and interest to space. Despite its intricate aesthetic, parquetry is just as durable as regular floorboards and will stand the test of the time in the heavy-use kitchen area.

Natural warmth and light

In the above kitchen, oak flooring has been used to great effect to tie in perfectly with this light and bright space. Compared to tiles, oak flooring offers a sense of warmth and the character of the wood in this kitchen contrasts against the neutral cabinetry. The timber flooring also enhances the natural light which floods in from the windows and doors. The oak timber flooring is durable enough to be able to stand up to the heavy foot traffic in the kitchen area and the lighter coloured wood means the natural light won’t show up flaws as easily.

Whether you love a classic look or prefer a contemporary aesthetic, Kustom Timber carries a range of beautiful European engineered oak flooring which will suit your lifestyle. All of our timber is ethically sourced from FCS approved oak trees and we oversee the manufacturing process from start to finish. Come along to our showroom to see our stunning oak flooring in Melbourne so we can pick the perfect look for your home.

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