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Black Timber Flooring

Whether you’re after a bold statement or a subtle yet striking foundation, the versatility and style of black engineered timber flooring is unmatched. Embrace its richness and depth and redefine your space. Explore our black timber selections below.
Black timber flooring by Kustom Timber

Black timber flooring:
redefining elegance

There’s no doubt about it – black timber flooring is striking.

It makes a statement, but only if you want it to. Black wood floors have the unique ability to quickly grab attention, or it can blend seamlessly into the perfect backdrop to any interior design aesthetic.

Whether it’s contemporary, traditional, rustic, or eclectic, black timber flooring can adapt to its environment like no other. This ability to switch roles, from the eye-catching centrepiece to the unassuming stagehand, makes black timber flooring not only striking, but also remarkably versatile.

Benefits of black timber flooring

The impact of black

As the bold and contrasting canvas underfoot, black timber flooring grounds your space in the unexpected, creating an optical illusion that pulls you in and gives a sense of infinite spaciousness.

It transforms ordinary interiors into something extraordinary, stylish and sophisticated. With black timber flooring, it’s not just about the surface, but the layers of depth it infuses into your living space.

Endless options

Black is a nice neutral backdrop that works with any design and decor.

Whether you want bright or colourful, or you’re more of a neutrals kinda person, black timber flooring can accommodate it all.

The best part? If you decide down the road that you want to change up your interior design style, black timber floors can transition seamlessly with you.

Make a statement with black timber flooring

Bring out the grain

The darker finish of black timber flooring accentuates the natural grain patterns of the wood, adding a touch of character and uniqueness to each plank.

From our medium-brushed Blackcomb to our light-brushed Moroccan Sunset, you’re guaranteed to find something special.

Free to be a little messy

Let’s face it – we don’t aim to be messy, but messes happen… especially if kids or pets are involved.

Dark timber flooring tends to hide dirt and stains better than lighter flooring, so it’s great for high-traffic areas or in living spaces where life tends to just happen. This also means it’s nice and easy to maintain – a bit of regular sweeping and occasional mopping and you’re golden.

Last a lifetime

Dark hues are natural light absorbers – meaning vibrancy that stands the test of time, reducing the need for frequent refinishing that often comes with lighter flooring options.

So, not only does it keep your floors looking timeless and elegant, it also translates into tangible savings for you in the long run.

What works with black timber flooring?

Black wood flooring is a pretty neutral backdrop, so the choice is yours. But we’re big fans of combos like…

  • Whites and greys are a classic pairing that creates a bit of contrast and can make a room look sleek and contemporary
  • Pastels like soft pinks, blues, and lilacs can soften the intensity of black timber flooring, creating a touch of delicate charm and elegance
  • Rich jewel-toned purples, emerald greens, and deep blues work with your dark floors to make a room the epitome of luxury and sophistication
  • For a truly opulent space, look at bringing in metallic shades of gold, silver and bronze
  • Neutral beiges, taupes and creams can help soften dark floors and create a cosy, inviting atmosphere

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