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Although there are plenty of flooring options available for the home, nothing has the same timeless appeal and unique aesthetic as timber flooring. Not only does not enhance the look of your home, hardwood flooring also has the added advantage of being hardwearing. If you want your timber flooring to last for generations, there are a few steps you can take to ensure it truly stands the test of time.

Buy good quality timber

If you want timber floors which will last, the best thing you can do is invest in a high quality product to begin with. Although cheaper products might seem appealing and look great initially, they just won’t last for long. Look for engineered options which have a good quality hardwood top layer with enough thickness to allow the floors to be sanded back.

Get expert installation

Nothing reduces the longevity of timber floorboards quite like poor installation. Over time, incorrect installation can lead to issues such as cupping, peaking or wide gaps between the planks. To avoid these issues, get the professionals in to take care of installation – they’ll deliver precision results and ensure your floors are installed securely.

Protect your floorboards

To prevent scratches, gauges and other damage, prevention is the way to go. Felt the bottom of furniture to avoid your floors getting scratched when furniture moves and invest in doormats at the points of entry to avoid dirt and grit getting tracked across the floors. High heels can also leave dents in the floor so leave these at the door!

Remember proper maintenance

All it takes is some simple maintenance to keep your floorboards looking their best. Give your floors a quick sweep most days (microfibre brooms are perfect) to get rid of dirt and debris. Bring out the mop every so often for a more thorough clean, taking care to use specialist timber floor cleaner. Remember to clean up any spills right away to avoid moisture damage.

Professional sanding and polishing

No matter how carefully you look after your floorboards, eventually they’ll show signs of wear and tear. Rather than letting the damage build up so it ruins the look of your floors, get the professionals in to sand back and polish your wooden floors. This process only takes a few millimetres off the surface which is enough to remove damage and then they’re re-polished to protect them.

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