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When it comes to restructuring, conversion of buildings, and a fresh take on interior decor, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better design option than the use of cladding. But if you’re new to cladding, you may be wondering: what is this new term, and how can it provide a unique look for my chosen interior design?

High-quality cladding, like the 5.5 cladding, is easily applied to any existing surface, whether you’re wanting to change up the look of your ceilings, or even your walls. Thin and quick to install, and made of solid oak wood and birch plywood in a variety of water-based finishes, you can rely on this material especially when wanting to increase energy efficiency with heating systems. It’s most often used for Interior cladding, as this product can save both time and money while still freshening up an existing design. 

Of course, because of its versatility, you’re not limited to using this innovative product in a single way. More and more designers have actually begun to consider the benefits of using cladding for interior timber wall features! Below, some ideas on how to use cladding to create a striking, unique style for your interior design.

Mixed Materials for a Retro-Industrial Paneled Wall

If you’re after an industrial look, you’ll know that the basic aspects of this design rely on exposed metal, and striking accents that provide an almost warehouse type of feel. For a unique design, veer towards a retro-industrial aesthetic by mixing together these different materials for your walls. Timber wall cladding with a metal accent or trim can provide a splash of lively colour that’s bound to draw the eye.

Vertical Panels Give Off An Illusion of Height

Trying to design a room with a deeper ceiling, or want to give off a feeling of a more open-air room and don’t have the budget or the time to reconstruct your ceiling height? The image of timber panels applied vertically to the walls provides the illusion of longer walls and higher ceilings, and cladding can be an easy and quick application that will change the look immensely to your specifications without breaking your budget.

Wooden Walls, Floor-to-Ceiling

Interior Cladding

If you’d love for your home’s interior to have a rustic vibe, you may be considering a Scandinavian style, with wooden flooring, walls, and ceiling. Because of the exposed feel that the wood provides, you can ensure a homely feel that’s easy to achieve by using wooden cladding on the walls and the ceiling. 

Deep, Dark Wooden Walls For A Striking Look

Colour plays a huge role in the tone of any room. And while most designs can feature plain-looking walls to give centre-stage to the furniture and other design pieces, consider getting a strikingly bold, dark coloured cladding on the walls to evoke an intensely dramatic look that adds both dimension and character to any space.

Feature Walls For Feature Pieces

The panelling look that cladding provides can be a great way to draw the eye to where you want the focal point in the room to be. From a well-designed couch, a fireplace, the bed, the possibilities are endless: pair simple, cream coloured cladding with other natural materials like stone or marble to really amp up that luxurious look.

Transform Simple Pieces Into Feature Points

Timber Wall Cladding in Bathroom

Because of the versatility of cladding, you aren’t limited to application on just the walls for further interior design, either. Apply the cladding material to your wooden bedhead, the exterior of your wardrobe, or even the wall where your bed rests against for a statement look.

Add Texture and Dimension

Monochromatic styles have seen a surge in popularity and for good reason. Relaxing and calming because of the muted tones, one may find that if it lacks texture, the room can also feel a bit flat or uninteresting. To combat this, install timber wall cladding for dimension, and to draw the eye and provide a dynamic feel to the room.

Coastal Vibes In A Snap

Walls made from timber automatically exude coastal vibes, especially when you consider Australian interior designs of old made full use of bright wooden walls to give off a beachy vibe. Go for light coloured wall panelling using cladding and bask in the instant coastal feel that your newly renovated rooms give off.

Strikingly Simple Wood Paneled Recesses

Timber Cladding

You don’t have to apply wooden cladding to every wall to give off a striking look. Instead, strategic placing can have an even bigger effect as long as you know where to put it. For any living space, a recess is a great way to provide dimension to any room. Add a wood-panelled design by the use of cladding, and your cabinetry, entertainment centre, and open closets immediately look classy and warm.

Neutral Space? No Problem

If you have a hallway or a room that has been designed with muted colours, having dark wood cladding on the walls can be just the thing to inject a feeling of richness and character without being too disjointed from the rest of the colour scheme.

Smart Concealment of Transitional Spaces

A refined looking design rests in the details. If you’re after a minimalist look, smooth lines and transitions can really level up the look of your space. Using cladding, conceal storage, joins, and even doorways for a streamlined look that brings a subtlety to the design without breaking the bank.

When it comes to anything about natural wood, consult the experts. Whether you’re after high-quality timber cladding installation or something different for your home design, our team will work with you to make sure that your project is done with your specifications in mind, and with care and dedication, too. At Kustom Timber, we truly are your end to end timber specialists, and you can rely on our professionals and consult with us today for any questions. We’ll work with you towards your new home project.