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Grey Timber Flooring
Whether you're looking for dark grey or light grey floors, our premium engineered European oak timber will help you achieve your dream space. With choices of prime, natural, and feature-grade grey timber, and a range of finishes, you can truly personalise your grey timber flooring to your space.
Grey timber flooring by Kustom Timber

Benefits of Grey Timber Flooring

It’s sophisticated

Imagine a chic living room where grey timber floors seamlessly blend with luxurious velvet sofas, creating an ambience of elegance and charm. Or picture a modern, open-concept kitchen, where grey timber flooring serves as a stunning foundation, perfectly balancing sleek cabinetry and gleaming countertops. No matter your style, grey timber flooring looks sophisticated.

It’s not just about residential spaces, either – grey timber flooring can make a striking impression in upscale commercial settings like boutique hotels, high-end restaurants, or contemporary office spaces.

It’s flexible

The true charm of grey timber flooring is its exceptional versatility. It effortlessly adapts to a range of design styles and colour palettes, making it the ideal base.

Grey timber flooring can enhance bold wall accents, or strike a stunning contrast against crisp white furniture. It can also complement softer pastel tones, adding depth and sophistication to a more delicate colour palette. And it also fits into an industrial-style space with exposed brick and metal accents.

Living with grey timber flooring

It enhances natural light

The unique tones of grey timber floors not only make the most of the available natural light but also add depth and dimension to interiors, preventing a flat or monotonous appearance.

Plus, light can really help the natural features of grey timber flooring shine.

It’s low maintenance and durable

With grey timber flooring, you won’t have to fret about every little scratch or stain; its natural colour variation and forgiving hue help conceal those minor imperfections. Plus, cleaning up is a breeze – a quick sweep or a gentle mop, and your floors will look as good as new.

Alta light timber flooring

Grey timber flooring pairs seamlessly with...

Well, a lot of colours. But look for these particular hues and shades to really complement your grey floors.

  • Whites and off-whites create a fresh, modern space that feels larger and more open.
  • Blue shades pair well with grey flooring – keep a special eye out for pastel blue or navy to create a calming, serene space.
  • Green hues like sage, mint or emerald can bring a touch of nature to your space, and give a nice contrast to grey timber.
  • Earth tones can balance out the cool tones of grey wood floors. Introduce some warm browns, beiges, and tans to make your room feel warm and inviting.
  • For something a little bit contemporary, different shades of grey and black can create some contrast and sophistication

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