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No matter how good the quality of your new timber flooring, it also needs to be installed with precision and care for the best final result. As the experts in timber flooring installation Melbourne, we’ve had to step in on many occasions where the flooring has been installed incorrectly – both by DIY home renovators and contractors. Today, we’ll be looking at some telling signs that your timber flooring installation may have issues.

Wide gaps

When wooden floorboards are installed correctly, you can expect that there will be some gaps in the timber to allow for expansion and contraction of the wood. However, it becomes an issue if the gaps in your floorboards are too wide or are irregular. While too-wide gaps aren’t going to cause any real issues with your flooring, it takes away from the aesthetic and ruins the overall look. In many cases, the wide or irregular gaps are the result of the floorboards not being completely dry when installed.

Poor sanding technique

Another tell-tale sign that your floorboards perhaps haven’t been installed to the highest of standards: poor sanding. It takes practice to sand wooden floors correctly and if not done right, you could be left with chatter marks or obvious swirls. In some cases, the imperfections caused by sanding may not be evident until the finish is applied.

Bad layout

Installing wooden floorboards isn’t as easy as clicking them all together like a jigsaw puzzle – there’s an art to making all of the edges and joins look just right. Also, most rooms aren’t perfectly square which also needs to be taken into consideration. A bad layout will be obvious once the floorboards are installed as you may be left with crooked edges, oddly sized floorboards and other anomalies which impact on the overall aesthetic.

Cupping and peaking

Cupping and peaking can both occur as the result of incorrectly installing the floorboards too close to each other without sufficient gap and/or using poor quality timber. With cupping, as the timber expands in the humidity it can cause the floorboards to look concave with a noticeable dip in the middle. With peaking, the edges of the floorboards become higher at the edges to form peaks. In some cases, less severe peaking or cupping can be fixed with a light sanding of the floorboards.

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