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Parquetry flooring dates back to 16th century France and involves tiles of wood being arranged into mosaic patterns. This stunning flooring choice can add interest to your space and offers a unique design feature for your home. If you’re interested in parquetry flooring Melbourne, there are a number of different designs you can choose from. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular designs for your new parquet flooring.


Herringbone is a traditional pattern used in parquetry and continues to be a popular choice. Herringbone is structured like the bones along a fish’s spine which explains the name! To create the herringbone design, the wood tiles are cut into rectangles and arranged at a 90 degree angle to create a broken zig zag effect.


Like herringbone, chevron is one of the most popular patterns when it comes to parquetry flooring. Like the herringbone design, the wood tiles are arranged in a zig zag pattern. However, the wood pieces are not perfect rectangles and are instead cut at an angle so they fit together in a sharp point. This creates long lines in the room and a stunning final result.

Basket weave

Basket weave is a more complex pattern than chevron or herringbone and gives a unique, elegant aesthetic. It involves the wooden tiles being arranged in an interweaving design and some people opt for contrasting colours to accentuate the effect. Basket weave parquetry can be installed diagonally or parallel to the wall, depending on your preference.

Brick bond

A brick bond parquetry pattern replicates the aesthetic of a brick wall. The rectangular wooden tiles are arranged in straight lines to create the brick look and the tiles are staggered. Brick bond parquetry tends to be easier to install and you can use longer tiles compared to other designs for a beautiful finished product.

Haddon Hall

Haddon Hall parquetry gets its name from an English manor by the same name and it’s an intricate, classic design. The design generally comprises of a square frame with three rectangular centre blocks. Of course, you can change up the design as you wish!

Square on square

Square on square parquetry is a traditional design which involves timber fingers being arranged next to each other to form alternating squares. This creates a mosaic pattern of straight lines which is a popular choice for big spaces.

Kustom Timber offer stunning European engineered oak flooring Melbourne, including bespoke parquetry. We offer expert installation and we have experience with the intricate designs involved in parquetry. Whether you want a traditional design or something a completely unique, our parquetry will last for generations. All of our flooring is designed for Australian conditions using renewable FSC oak trees.

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