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When it comes to interior designs for the home, one of the most significant aspects that homeowners all over the world agree on is that the kitchen is one of the most important parts of the living space.

The colour, the design, and even the way the kitchen is laid out can take the space from average to striking. Because of this, care and attention must be placed on how the room is constructed. Whether you’re building your new home, and wanting ideas for a spectacular and on-trend kitchen for the new year, or if you’re renovating your existing cooking space into something more modern, take some style notes from interior designers for a modern kitchen that suits your own personal style!

1. Eco style

In recent years, a focus on white kitchens with modern style, stainless steel appliances and matte finishes have been all the rage. And while this modern style is still popular with homeowners both old and new, it’s no surprise interior designers are finding clients going towards something different yet just as aesthetically pleasing.

For 2021, organic styles with a focus on clean lines, much like the popular contemporary kitchens, are slowly veering towards the addition of natural materials for charming warmth and dynamic texture.

Neutral palettes with soft and light tones, coupled with organic and natural elements that can also be environmentally-friendly, are gaining popularity this year. Think energy-efficient light fixtures, indoor plants and herbs for a mixture of style and function, or even investing in engineered or solid timber flooring, which can withstand the heavy foot traffic that regularly occurs in cooking spaces, while also elevating with the use of natural materials.

2. Timber flooring

If the eco style appeals to you but you’re wanting to play around with different kitchen designs, take a pointer from this natural style and invest in high quality European oak flooring for your kitchen. While most kitchens nowadays make use of tiles or cheap vinyl for easy cleanup, there’s no arguing that installing timber flooring is a great way to provide a classically contemporary look to your cooking space. Contrary to popular belief, timber floors are actually easy to care for, and with its durability, longevity, and versatility, timber floors last for years to come, lending a natural beauty to your kitchen design day in and day out.

Choose from versatile hardwoods such as premium European Oak and watch your space transform. With a great number of wooden floor types available, you’ll find that different timber species possess various characteristics that may complement your kitchen design vision, and with various stain options, sizing and even parquetry, there’s a world of customisation at your fingertips. Take a gander at the top flooring trends for some more style inspiration, too!

3. Kitchen storage

With the increasing focus on functional use of space within the kitchen, home chefs are emphasising the importance of smart kitchen storage for newly purchased small appliances, as well as increasing multipurpose cooking spaces. From island benches, integrated appliances, open shelves, and smart kitchen cabinetry, there’s a lot of options to maximise kitchen space with style.

Home chefs are finding that smart storage solutions are the key to ensuring that counter space remains free for preparation and cooking. Making sure that cooking is as seamless as possible by dedicating spaces for pantries, kitchen organisers, wall cabinets and rolling carts should be a high priority. In addition, assigning open shelving for small appliances such as air fryers and investing in enhanced cabinetry solutions such as larder cupboards can go a long way in ensuring cooking is no longer a time-consuming task for everyone.

4. Dashes of color

One of the latest trends for 2021 is the addition of unexpected colors in the kitchen. While light and neutral colours are still as popular as ever, interior designers are finding that homeowners are beginning to add their own personal touches to their kitchens by adding splashes of color. Don’t forget to ensure that the color you use will seamlessly blend in with the interior design of your living room and dining room, too! Modern kitchen designs this year are starting to add warmer shades, taking a turn from the cool tones like navy blue that have been popular recently. Think warm beige, or shades of orange and aqua: comfort colors that provide warmth, or bright greens coupled with natural tones and textures.

Whether you’re wanting to add a dynamic look to the walls, appliances, flooring, or even your cabinets, it’s important to remember that the colors in the kitchen should last for at least five years, so make sure to take the time to figure out what interior design choices you’re wanting for your cooking space, and choose a color that will inspire and make your kitchen feel stylish and personal to you.

5. Innovative kitchen layouts

While there’s a focus on ensuring seamless cooking in kitchens for at-home chefs in 2021, whether you’ve got an industrial style kitchen, or are making the most out of the ever popular small kitchens of recent years, it’s important to take the time to ensure the right spatial planning for ease of use. We’re using the kitchen as a space to socialise and interact with guests more and more, which means that not only should you be focusing on designing the cooking space for functionality, but also as a central hub for guests to gather, too.

For example, you can make your kitchen space multipurpose by following kitchen design trends and installing a large kitchen island for guests to gather around you as you cook, or place your dishwasher in a separate space to ensure that the kitchen is a space to entertain, and not clean in.

Feeling inspired by 2021’s kitchen design trends? We are, too! Level up your cooking space with these top tips, and create a culinary area that suits your needs and impresses every guest all at the same time.