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Whether you want to update the look of your home or just not happy with the current colour finish on your floorboards, sanding back and staining your timber floors can give your house a whole new look. But how do you choose which stain is best? A lot of people get stuck deciding between a dramatic dark look or lighter finish. If you’re going ahead with timber floor sanding and polishing with the hope that it will give your floorboards a whole new look, we’ll be give you some tips on choosing the right stain.

A look that fits

When choosing the stain colour for your timber floors, you need to consider the rest of the house so that the flooring fits in. For example, if you have darker walls, such as some types of exposed brick, a dark stain can be too much. Also, a very dark stain may not suit a small house because it won’t reflect light and open up the space. On the other hand, a large, modern home with lots of light can carry a darker stain well for a dramatic look and it looks great when paired with neutrals. High ceilings can also carry darker floorboards.

Also consider the furniture and décor you have in your home. Always try to create some kind of contrast, whether through furniture or some well-placed accessories. For example, a very light stain can look great when contrasted with darker detailing, such as benchtops and industrial lighting. For smaller homes where natural light is at a premium and you want to create the illusion of space, a lighter coloured stain can help add a sense of openness.

Dirt and damage

Let’s get practical. One of the main benefits of choosing a lighter coloured stain is that it’s much easier to keep clean. Dark stains look dramatic, but also tend to show up more dirt. If you really love the dark look, opt for a stain or matte finish – the combination of high gloss and a dark finish will make maintenance an ongoing task. Scratches also tend to show up more on darker finishes as the wood underneath is generally lighter in contrast to the stain. However, a darker stain is better at hiding minor imperfections in the wood, such as sun damage or flaws in the timber.

Look for inspiration

If you’re not sure which stain is right for you, look online or in magazines for inspiration but always stay true to your individual style. Remember that there are so many stains available and you can always opt for the middle ground in terms of colour choice.

Here are Kustom Timber, we understand that you want the perfect finish for your timber floors. We offer professional sand, stain and polish services, and our team can give you guidance as to the best stain and finish for your floors. With our help, your timber floors can be restored to their former glory or given a completely different look.

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