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Let’s be honest, you can’t go past timber floors when it comes to a stunning aesthetic and
the durability of wood flooring means it can still look good for generations. However, your
floorboards aren’t immune to wear and tear and over time they can start to look a little
worse for wear. Luckily, timber floor sanding can help give them new life and improve the
look of your home. If you’re thinking of getting expert sanding and polishing, today we’re
sharing our most frequently asked questions about the process.

1. How much wood is removed during the sanding?

The amount of wood removed when you have your floorboards sanded back will depend on
the amount of damage you have – if you have a lot of deep damage, more will need to be
removed. However, generally only around 1mm of wood is sanded back during the process.
This means that if you have good quality engineered flooring with a thick top layer, it can be
sanded back a number of times throughout its lifespan

2. What are my options for the finish?

When it comes to the finish of your floors once they’ve been sanded back, the three choices
you have are gloss, satin or matte. Remember that you don’t have to simply default to the
original finish you had – you can mix things up for a different look. Just remember that a
high gloss finish tends to show up dirt and can wear unevenly and for this reason most
people tend to opt for satin or matte.

3. How disruptive is the sanding and polishing process?

If you choose Kustom Timber’s professional service to complete your sanding and polishing,
we’ll always try to keep disruption to a minimum. Obviously some dust will be involved so
close doors to other parts of the house and cover nearby furniture with sheets to make the
job easier. The length of time it will take to complete will depend on the size of the job but
you can usually expect the process to take three to four days, remembering that you also
need to be careful walking on the new finish for the next few days.

4. How often should I get my floors sanded and polished?

The great thing about good quality floorboard is that they’re highly durable which means
that sanding and polishing generally only needs to occur every ten years or so. Of course,
this may need to be earlier if there’s significant damage.

At Kustom Timber, we provide expert floor sanding in Melbourne to restore your
floorboards to their former glory. Whether your floors are showing visible signs of damage
or you want to update them with a new finish, we can transform your timber floorboards
with eco-conscious polishes. With our care and attention to detail, we’ll breathe new life
into your floors.

For professional floor sanding and polishing Melbourne, speak to the team at Kustom
Timber today on (03) 9645 3857.