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There is something so timeless and classic about wooden floorboards that make this type of flooring so sought after. Because of its longevity, it is a clear choice for homeowners that wish to have reliable, charismatic flooring for decades to come. However, like all flooring options, over the years it can become discoloured and faded from use, and may need a bit of a pick-me-up to return its charm to full capacity. Some people may choose to cover their wooden floors with carpets to alleviate this issue quickly, but homeowners can also choose to sand their timber floors to restore their life. Floor sanding and polishing for Melbourne homes guarantee that you’ll not only an updated look but also gives your floors more shine and life, brightening up the room. But what’s this entail, and why should you consider this for your wooden floors?

Floor Sanding and Polishing Benefits


Dull, tired-looking floors can really take the life out of a room. Beautiful wooden flooring is an investment that requires regular maintenance to keep its vibrancy and character. But even the most meticulous of homeowners may find themselves struggling with inevitable fading by no fault of their own. Due to the nature of the flooring this does tend to happen, but before you decide to remove your floorboards and install new ones, or switch to a different type, consider that these are meant to last you for decades — it just needs a bit of a boost. And this is where floor sanding and polishing come in. A cheaper option than replacing your flooring by far, it is cost-effective while still getting you the results you need, giving your floors a beautiful shine and finish that will harken you back to the days when you first got them installed. Gone would be your dull, discoloured floors, for a fraction of the price of getting new flooring put in.

Enhanced Durability and Longevity

Professional servicing is easy and takes little time, too. Relying on their expertise means that you will get amazing results, every time. Not only would they have the proper tools to do this task, but they also will have the knowledge to work with your wooden flooring to really bring out its character and uniqueness. And if done correctly, your newly sanded and polished flooring should last for years, adding to its durability and really giving you more value for your money.

Customisation Options

Aside from this, consider that getting your floors professionally done also gives you the option of customising your flooring should you desire to. While you started out with floorboards that may look one way, staining is also an option for you to consider after sanding your floors. Your tastes may change over the years, or your furniture and home decor may not be quite the right match for your flooring – you can address this by choosing a stain that can match your furniture, or give a bright contrast to the room for some character. Some companies provide premade colours for you to choose from, but if you really want flooring that is striking and unique, you can also choose to customise your own shade to really make it your own.

Do make sure that the professionals you hire have commercial insurance or commercial property insurance to ensure that you are covered against accidental damage if it occurs. And, perhaps this will go without saying, but make sure to hire professionals that have years of experience and specialise in your specific wood flooring. So if you have oak flooring, for example, find a company that does installations of these and subsequent maintenance. Another option is to reach out to the company that installed your flooring and asks if they do sanding and polishing.

Health Benefits

Something to think about as well as the fact that putting carpets on top of faded floorboards isn’t as safe for allergy sufferers as you might think. Aside from improving the look of your floors, polished timber flooring is easy to clean. With a sweeper, it’s easy to keep your floors tidy and free from pet hair, pollen, dust mites, and other assorted allergens that can make asthma or hay fever flare-up. This isn’t as easy with carpets, which can harbour dust and allergens that can affect those with health issues drastically. Even after vacuuming, some allergens may remain in the carpet, and maintaining a relatively clean carpet also means regular steam cleaning, which may prove to lead to bigger costs down the line as it is a necessary service for carpets. So if you have people in your home who have respiratory issues or you are concerned about potential allergens in your environment, consider timber sanding and polishing instead of placing carpets over your wooden flooring.

If you’re really looking for a way to not only revive your flooring but also give it some added character and style, sanding and polishing is your best choice. Cost-effective while keeping your floors beautiful, durable, and long-lasting, your customisation options when it comes to staining can also give a new life to your home, and keep up with your changing tastes and chosen trends. And with its added health benefits, it really would be a crime to cover up your flooring with carpets just to hide the discolouration that may have occurred when you can keep having charismatic timber flooring that’s easy to clean with a simple sanding and polishing service. Hiring a professional to do your flooring can really amplify the look of your floors, and with commercial insurance and commercial property insurance, you can rest easy knowing the wooden flooring for your home will be the best it can possibly be. Help your flooring to last decades and through generations by considering this option. Click here if you’re looking for professionals to work on your flooring, look no further than Kustom Timber for your flooring installations, sanding and polishing needs.