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An intricately well-designed home shows in the quality of its parts. From premium furniture, classic accents and pieces, complementary colour schemes, and down to the elegant flooring, there are different ways to mix and match the different parts of your design to maximise the aesthetic that you are going for. So if you’re looking at getting light or dark wooden flooring, and can’t decide between the two, here’s what you need to consider to ensure that you’re installing the right type of engineered oak flooring for your design needs.

Interior Type

What type of room are you planning to design? Is it a kitchen? A living space? A dining room? Maybe you’re thinking of getting a wooden staircase for that added feel of luxury.

Depending on the vibe of the room itself, you may be wanting a warmer, deeper toned flooring to exude a more homey and relaxing feel, or you may want a light and bright base for the room that will give off an inviting and refreshing aura.

Room Size

Engineered oak flooring can actually help influence the eye’s perception of the size of the room, depending on the shade of the wood used, as well as the pattern of the flooring as it is laid down. If you have small rooms, a well-known trick is to go for light coloured flooring, which will make any space appear bright and open. 

However, you aren’t limited to light flooring for small rooms: rather, if you’re wanting dark engineered flooring, just keep in mind that using contrasting, bright tones for your walls can actually help to make a room look larger, too.

Natural Light

Keep in mind the direction in which the rooms of your home are facing, and the available windows, too. This is because natural light can actually play a huge role in the look of any living space, and it’s up to you to play up to those characteristics to ensure that you get the look that you want. If a room faces south or is naturally dark, you may want to consider getting light engineered oak flooring or placing a lighter coloured area rug on top of your hardwood floors to brighten up the space while still exuding a cosy feel.

Room Style

When choosing a shade for your wooden flooring, it’s important to ask yourself what kind of interior design you aspire to. Having wood floors is a popular and versatile option for any design, but you have to keep in mind that because it is part of the room, you have to make sure that the other design pieces, colour schemes, and furniture that you wish to place in the room will complement the richness or brightness of the flooring well. 

Consider this when you consult with the experts, and if you’re still unsure, they’ll be able to provide valuable advice to ensure that you are getting the right shade and type of engineered oak flooring for your design specifications.