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No matter how much care you take in choosing premium wooden flooring, the whole aesthetic of your new floors can be ruined with incorrect installation. One of most common and most noticeable issues is when you get peaking or cupping with your wooden flooring. As the experts in wooden floor installation Melbourne, we’ll take a look at how you can avoid this issue during your installation process.

What is peaking and cupping?

Whether you’re installing solid timber or engineered wood, peaking and cupping can both be issues for timber flooring. With cupping, the timber floorboards will begin to take on a concave shape and the sides will be higher than the middle section. Peaking is the opposite of cupping and occurs when the edges of the floorboards are higher than the middle, causing peaks at the joins.

How can you avoid this issue?

Use high quality floorboards – In the first instance, one of the best ways to avoid cupping and peaking is to invest in high quality flooring. Although other options may seem more budget friendly initially, low quality timber can be more susceptible to moisture and humidity. Certain types of timber are also more prone to cupping and peaking so do your research before you purchase your materials. 

Leave the right gap between the floorboards – The gaps between your floorboards is one of most important aspects of installing your wooden floors and the moisture profile of the home needs to be taken into consideration. If the gap between the boards is too small, it won’t allow for contraction and expansion during changes in temperature. 

Arrange expert installation – Installing wooden flooring is harder than it looks and if you’re not confident to do it yourself, it’s best to call on a flooring expert to carry out installation. A flooring expert has the necessary experience to do a precision job and prevent problems like cupping and peaking. 

What if I can already see cupping and peaking?

Although it’s best to prevent cupping and peaking in the first place, it may be too late and you can already see the signs. If this sounds familiar, don’t panic – in many cases the floors can be gently sanded back and refinished. However, it’s best you get an expert in the take a look at the extent of any water damage. In some cases, some floorboards may be too badly damaged and need to be replaced.

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