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It’s not only the stunning aesthetic and classic appeal which sets timber floors apart from other options – but they also have a well-earned reputation for being low maintenance and durable. However, you still need to do your part by looking after your timber floors so they last the distance. Let’s take a look at some common mistakes people make with the care of their wood floors so you can be confident you’re treating your flooring right!


Using abrasive cleaners

When it comes to your wooden floors, too many people use products that are too abrasive. Although it’s easy to assume that the harsher the product, the cleaner the floors, these abrasive cleaners can damage the finish and causes scratches that build up over time. Instead of harsh products, opt for specialist wood floor cleaning products which are gentle but effective. If you do find marks on the floor, try removing them with a soft cloth – put away the scourers!


Not felting the furniture

One of the main reasons why scratches accumulate on your wooden floors is from the furniture. To avoid the tell-tale scratch marks, take the time to felt the bottom of furniture so your floors are protected. This is particularly important for chairs and bar stools which tend to be scraped along the floor. Remember that the felt will eventually wear off so check the feet of your furniture every so often.


Forgetting regular maintenance

It’s so easy to let regular maintenance of your wooden floors go but it can make all the difference to your floors. It doesn’t have to be difficult – simply run a broom over the floors on a daily basis to pick up debris which could cause marks and scratches, and run the vacuum over on a weekly basis. It’s a good idea to keep a mat inside the front and back doors to pick up dirt before it’s tracked into the house.


Too much water

Water and wooden floors just don’t mix as it can lead to cupping and peaking. If there are spills on the floors, clean them up as soon as possible. Avoid getting over-zealous with mopping and if you do need to mop, use as little water as possible. Also, put the steam mop away as this can cause damage to the wood.

If you need some advice around your engineered wood flooring care, the team at Kustom Timber can help. We carry floor cleaning accessories to help you maintain your wooden floors so they stand the test of time. With our range of quality products on offer, we make hardwood floor care and cleaning easy. We also offer sand and polishing services if your floors or stairs are in need of expert restoration.

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