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When designing the home, one of the most important aspects that new homeowners have to decide on is the flooring. From tiles, vinyl, stone, to wood, there are endless possibilities to what will inevitably be the most used part of your home design. So it’s important to keep in mind comfort, style, and durability when choosing your flooring, as this can affect your lifestyle and enjoyment of your new home. Hardwood flooring is an extremely popular option for this, and good reason. Below, why most Australians choose timber for flooring installations.

Reduced Allergens

Wood is naturally resistant against dust, mold, and animal dander, which makes it an ideal option for those who suffer from allergies. With a simple, no-fuss sweep every few days, you can ensure that no dust build-up can make a family member’s allergies flare up.

Easy Maintenance

Regular sweeping, wiping with a damp cloth and drying immediately after with a dry cloth – it’s easy to keep on top of your wooden flooring. If your finish is looking a little faded after some time, consult with your installer to find out which polish or wax will be best suited to help your topcoat shine once more.

Natural Beauty

Wooden flooring is prized for its natural beauty and charming elegance, which is a welcome addition in any home and elevates your interior design quite significantly. Natural tones, knots, and grain patterns lend an effortlessly beautiful vibe to the home and are versatile enough that it can be paired with any style of interior design, whether you are going for an industrial look or a rustic vibe.

Environmentally Friendly

Choose a hardwood that has been sustainably sourced to ensure that you are getting timber from controlled areas to prevent species endangerment. Hardwood is environmentally friendly as not only do you have the option to sand and refinish after years of use to rejuvenate your flooring, but the boards are also recyclable for other projects should you choose to change your timber flooring.

Versatility and Adaptability of Colour and Finish

Timber flooring installations don’t just include the installation, but also involve staining and finishes that can take your wooden floors from beautiful, to beautifully unique. With staining, you can have the distinct characteristics of hardwood in the colour that you wish, which makes designing your home’s interior a breeze.

Adds Value To The Home

Last but not the least, timber flooring installations add a boost to your home’s value, and for good reason. Potential homebuyers rate hardwood flooring as a high priority more often than not, and it’s because of its unquestionable elegance and known durability. So having hardwood flooring in your home not only benefits you in the long run because you’ll have floors that will stand the test of time but should you choose to put your home on the market, you can rest assured that homebuyers will show more interest because you chose to have a timber flooring installation.