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Whether you’re thinking of updating your tired old staircase or are looking to install brand
new stairs, timber is a stylish and functional option. Although you may not have given much
thought to your stairs, choosing good quality materials can make all the difference to the
aesthetics of your home. Today, we’ll be looking at some of the benefits of choosing timber
stairs for your Melbourne home.


Stairs are a high traffic area and you want a material that’s going to last. With carpet, it may
look good initially but soon you’ll find that wear starts to show in the middle of each step.
When you choose high-quality engineered timber stairs, you don’t have that issue. The top
hardwood layer is designed to last and will stand up to the daily traffic for years to come.
The tough construction of the board itself also means that it’s resistant to warping and
other issues.

Adds warmth

If you love the look of carpeted stairs but don’t want to deal with the maintenance, timber
is the perfect option. Natural timber adds a sense of warmth to the house and is a popular
option with families who want that inviting feel. Not only does timber give a general sense
of warmth, it also has the advantage of being warm under your feet!

Classic appeal

Trends come and go, and the last thing you want is to be left with stairs which date quickly
after only a few years. The beauty of timber flooring is that it provides a classic, timeless
appeal which will continue to look great even if the style of your home changes over time.

Easy to clean

When you have the family, especially kids, going up and down the stairs constantly, you
want your stairs to be as easy to clean as possible. Timber doesn’t take much maintenance –
just give them a quick sweep every now and then to get rid of dirt and debris and bring out
the vacuum every so often. Just be sure to clean up any spills straight away to avoid water

Range of finishes

If you need your stairs to be a particular colour or finish to match the rest of your home,
engineered timber has you covered. You’ll have your pick of different colours and polishes
so you get the perfect look for your house. This is especially important if you have existing
floorboards that you want your stairs to match with.

If you’re interested in using engineered timber flooring for your stairs, look no further than
Kustom Timber. We can help you find a style and finish which suits the rest of your home,
along with anti-slip technology so your new stairs are safe. We can also give your existing
worn out old stairs given a new lease on life with professional sanding and polishing

For installed engineered wood flooring on stairs for a stunning finish, contact Kustom
Timber today on (03) 9645 3857.