Buying Engineered Oak Timber Flooring in Melbourne
Here at Kustom Timber, we carry a range of premium engineered European oak flooring to transform the look of your home. Our engineered oak flooring is available in a number of beautiful colours and finishes and has been designed specifically for Australian conditions. With the character and durability offer by oak timber flooring, you’ll fall in love with the finished product.
The benefits of engineered timber flooring
Timber flooring continues to be a timeless design choice for the home thanks to the warmth and character it provides. Wooden flooring will never date and the classic appeal means that as your style changes over the years, your flooring doesn’t have to.
Engineered oak offers the unique aesthetic appeal of hardwood oak while also being manufactured to be durable and highly stable. At a glance, no one would ever know that your flooring isn’t solid wood and the engineered structure made up of multiple layers means the floors are incredibly tough. Because engineered flooring has real timber veneer over the top, it has the ability to be sanded back and refinished just like solid wood. With engineered oak being available in a number of difference widths, lengths, colours and finishes, you have the flexibility to customise the final look of your home with your new flooring.
Premium flooring designed for Australian conditions
Melbourne based Kustom Timber take a holistic approach to our unique flooring. We carefully select engineered European oak which has been sourced ethically and use premium production processes to supply our customers with the highest quality product possible. You never need to compromise on quality with the superior craftmanship of our engineered flooring and we bring you a range of bespoke colours and finishes to suit your home.
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