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Made in Italy from prime grade European Oak, our Atelier selection is a refreshing, modern tribute to Italian quality. Light, bright and luxe, it’s the ideal floor to have underfoot for late-night barefoot dancing, crisp prosecco drinking, or any other event life throws your way. Finished with hard-wearing UV lacquer, Atelier will last through all of life’s moments, from big to small.


Consider this selection a compelling argument for comfort zones. Because there’s nothing better than feeling utterly at ease in your own environment, and these premium European Oak floors are the perfect excuse to stay exactly where you are. With a diverse range of colours and finishes, it’s the simplicity you’ll get used to instantly while the excitement might just never wear off. Low maintenance. High expectations. And exactly on par with your standards. As it should be.


The beauty of Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula is overwhelming. So, we spent time curating a refined selection of timber washes, textures and knots that would look at home in any one of them. Sure, it was tiresome hiking to Bushrangers Bay, sipping pale ale in the sun at St Andrews Beach Brewery and duck-diving at London Bridge. But that’s what the extra mile looks like. The result? A selection of only the best European Oak floorings, allowing you to pick your favourite.


You see, this is the by-product of us being up to our ears in timber for more than 20 years now. Highly textured, stacks of pigment, and a depth that you can lose yourself in. Which, at times, we felt like we did. Immersing ourselves in only the best European Oak timber boards, so you can immerse yourself in the life you’ll live hand-in-hand with them. All designed with wearability and longevity in mind of course. Because, in our opinion, having too much of a good thing does not apply to dinner parties turn dance parties — now, or ever.


Bad news first: George Clooney himself won’t be installing these boards. Good news: that’s probably for the best. A nod to the timeless Italian beauty that’s prompted many a move, these European Oak timber floors invite a sense of luxurious grandeur into each space. Purposefully designed for larger homes, the extra-long and ultra-wide wooden floorboards are sure to make an entrance. And lounge. And dining hall. Talk about commanding attention and leaving lasting impressions.


We like to let our floors do the talking. And these ones come with a familiar accent. Introducing a range of native timber floors that capture the impressive nature of Australia’s backyard, our Outback selection is equal parts no worries and you beauty. Light. Dark. Textured. Earthy. And everything in between. It’s an ode a g’day to the place that we call home, so when it comes to fitting out yours, there’s an instant feeling of connection, literally and figuratively speaking.